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Trump Vows to “Finish the Job Hitler Started”—Jewish Audience Stunned

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Dissociated Press

President Donald J. Trump, in a speech to  The Organization of Eminent Jewish-American Magnates (TOEJAM), shocked his audience yesterday by vowing to “finish the job Hitler started.”

“A lot of you are in the real estate business, because I know you very well. You’re brutal killers, not nice people at all,” Trump said. “That’s why, together, we can finish the job Hitler started.”

Amid audible gasps, Trump continued: “By ‘finish the job,’ I mean the Greater Israel project. Did you know that without Hitler, Israel never would have existed? It was Hitler who signed the Transfer Agreement to send Jews to Palestine. He later became the Zionists’ number one PR asset. Without Hitler and the Nazis, the world never would have allowed you brutal killers to slaughter and expel the Palestinians.”

Trump continued: “Today, I’m here to tell you we’re going to finish the job. We’re going to slaughter and expel the rest of the Palestinians. And if the Iranians try to stop us we’ll slaughter them too. That’s why Sheldon and Bibi and the MAGA Group—excuse me, I mean the MEGA Group—put me in the Oval Office in the first place.”

From stunned silence, the audience suddenly broke into a chorus of “Heil Trump! Heil the New King of Israel! Sig heil! Judea Uber Alles!” Fat wallets were extracted from fatter rumps, checkbooks and cash bundles emerged from briefcases, and pandemonium reigned as Trump smartly goose-stepped off the stage to the tune of the new national anthem “The Star of David Spangled Banner.”

2 Thoughts to “Trump Vows to “Finish the Job Hitler Started”—Jewish Audience Stunned”

  1. Dennis P McMahon

    This article is a rather brilliant satire. Please check out the True Torah Jews, on Facebook and the web.

  2. Satire and cynicism. Yes it is the vehicle to what is not said by politicians and the media.
    However last Saturday 14.12.19 the newspaper The Australian in its political cartoon had this British Jewish couple in front of their house sending Corbyn off with a black eye who mutters incomprehensible invectives as he leaves. The caption underneath is in Hebrew! Who can understand comprehend decypher this? Not the 99% Goy. So that paper has revealed where it stands. It also has confirmed all the lies of the conspiracy theorists to have been true after all.

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