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Rolf Lindgren: Trump Is My President and Will Win in 2020

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Rolf Lindgren, a former Libertarian activist, managed the 2008 Barrett for Congress campaign. Now he is a Trump-lovin’ Republican. Rolf joins us with the latest on the “NWO conspiracy to reverse the results of the 2016 election.”

Does Rolf really believe Trump’s ludicrous account of al-Baghdadi “dying like a dog”?! Yes he does: “Trump would never lie about something like that…it’s a lot different from the Bin Laden raid, which was a joke.”

Rolf opines: “Trump is taking on the military-industrial complex. He’s taking on the endless wars. He’s talking about the trillions of dollars cost. He’s talking about the soldiers who were killed and maimed. There’s very little war propaganda from Trump. He doesn’t tell you every day how evil some guy over in the Middle East is, like Bush and Obama and Clinton used to do.”

I asked Rolf about Trump’s seizing and plundering Syria’s oil fields, pushing though a record military budget, threatening countries on Twitter, and so on.

Rolf: “You’re thinking in a linear fashion. Let’s pretend that we’re covering George Patton during World War II. One day they say ‘George Patton marched his army ten miles east.’ The next day ‘George Patton marched his army ten miles west.’ They say, ‘wait a minute, I thought he was marching east, then he’s marching north, now he’s marching west.’ All Trump is doing is using military strategies. He’s moving troops around. He’s keeping the news media off balance.”

OK, I plead guilty to thinking in a linear fashion, belonging to the reality-based community, and suspecting that Rolf grossly overestimates Donald Trump.



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