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US says has right to “defend” (plunder) Syria oilfields

Donald Trump plays the Ugly American role to perfection

Press TV interview featuring Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

“The Pentagon claims that revenues from US-controlled oilfields in northeastern Syria are channeled into (terrorist) forces backed by the US in the country.” -Press TV

Smedley Butler, who would have founded Veterans Today¬†if the internet had existed back then, famously said “War Is a Racket.” Normally US presidents don’t admit that. They say they’re defending democracy, human rights, oppressed minorities‚ÄĒanything but oil and gangsters and corporate profits.

Donald Trump, with his tasteless, charmingly psychopathic lack of hypocrisy, has changed all that. From now on, we’re officially in the Middle East to steal oil and enable Zionist genocide, and don’t you forget it!

One Thought to “US says has right to “defend” (plunder) Syria oilfields”

  1. Dear brother Kevin are u ready for the pure real truth.the greatest thinker on islam without doubt in the 20th century

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