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Pompeo seeks chaos, anarchy and destruction throughout Middle East: Scholar

Press TV interview with Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “favors chaos, anarchy and destruction” throughout the Middle East region, according to American academic and political commentator Dr. Kevin Barrett.

On Saturday, gasoline price hikes and rationing in Iran sparked protests. Peaceful rallies were held in several Iranian cities with people urging the government to reverse its decision. The demonstrations, however, turned violent in some cities, and clashes with security forces were reported.

Pompeo, the former CIA chief, expressed his support for protesters in Iran on Sunday. “As I said to the people of Iran almost a year and a half ago: The United States is with you,” Pompeo said, retweeting a Persian-language tweet he sent out in July 2018 that referenced a speech he made that directly addressed the Iranian people.

In rebuttal to this clear support of anarchy, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said, “He [Pompeo] openly supports immolation of the Iranian people’s properties through foolish shamelessness and opportunism, while calling it defending the Iranian people.”

Dr. Barrett  said that “Pompeo is saying that he stands with the Iranian people, but what he is really indicating of course that he is standing with any Iranian who are crazy enough to riot and commit crimes to spread chaos, anarchy and bloodshed — you can call fitna — in Iran.”

“Pompeo unsurprisingly favors chaos, anarchy and destruction throughout the region. It has been the policy of successive US administrations. And now Pompeo is working for maybe the most chaotic of US presidents, Donald Trump. The policy of destabilization of Middle Eastern nations that don’t follow Washington’s line is continuing,” he told Press TV on Tuesday.

“It’s interesting that Pompeo is a point man here, because on the the very same day that it was reported that Pompeo was encouraging rioters in Iran…he has been pilloried on the front page of The New York Times by none other than the Zionist, his Zionist colleague I should say, Thomas Friedman. Thomas Friedman is saying that Pompeo is the most corrupt and disgusting person that has yet to be seen in the US diplomacy,” the analyst noted.

“Friedman said that Pompeo’s ‘behavior is one of the most shameful things I have seen in 40 years of covering US diplomacy.’ Friedman said Pompeo must have graduated last in his class at West Point.’ this of course is not related to Pompeo’s destabilizing Middle East and trying to spread chaos. There rather Pompeo is spreading chaos in Ukraine on behalf of Donald Trump,” he stated.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has condemned as a “disgraceful lie” the US’s expression of support for what he called “the Iranian people”, saying Washington must, before anything, be responsible for waging economic terrorism and perpetrating crimes against humanity in dealing with Iranians.

“A regime that hinders the delivery of food and medicine to ordinary [Iranian] people — including the elderly and the patients — through economic terrorism [tactics] can never claim support for the Iranian people in such a disgraceful way,” Zarif said on Monday evening.

One Thought to “Pompeo seeks chaos, anarchy and destruction throughout Middle East: Scholar”

  1. Paul Barbara

    The Iranian people are not stupid, and take the Pompous Pirate’s (and the Orange Disgrace’s) tweets with the contempt they deserve.
    They should remember the CIA and MI6 overthrow of Mossadegh, and the US urging Iraq to attack Iran in a bloody war.
    Who in their right minds would trust the Luciferian Warmongers of the US, UK, France or their cronies?
    Why has the fuel price been raised? Because of the Great Satan’s sanctions – lay the blame where it belongs.
    !Viva Iran!

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