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FFWN: “Oswald Acted Alone, Epstein Killed Himself, and the Earth Is Flat!”

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JFK Assassination 56th Anniversary

1) Unspeakable Memories: The Day John Kennedy Died (and Wilcott Affidavit)

2) Thirteen People Who Had Foreknowledge of JFK’s Assassination

3) Roger Craig: When They Kill a President

4) William Pepper on RFK Assassination (Follow-Up to JFK Hit)

5) Temple U. Prof. Joan Mellen on JFK Coup & USS Liberty

6) The New Orleans connection to JFK’s assassination

7) JFK Expert Larry Rivera on Kevin’s Live Show Tonight, 8 to 9 pm Eastern https://Revolution.Radio

8) JFK Expert Dr. Cyril Wecht on the Jeffrey Epstein Death

Go, Packers!

Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

9) Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico ranch: Jaw-dropping pictures show pedophile’s eight person party shower, life-sized installation of a crucified Jesus and ‘underground strip club where teens would entertain VIP guests'(23 Pics)


11) ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ meme joins the mainstream as viral craze now infiltrates Congress

12) ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ is a FASCIST recruiting tool, establishment cries after meme goes mainstream in Congress

Epstein’s Buddy Andrew

13) Prince Andrew’s Epstein alibis are even stupider than the “he hanged himself” story

14) PHOTO THEORIES: Prince Andrew’s many denials about infamous ‘sex slave’ photo after car-crash TV interview

15) Prince Andrew made ‘unbelievable’ racist comments about Arabs including camel jokes at state dinner for Saudi Royal family, claims ex-Home Secretary Jacqui Smith

Andrew’s PR Guy in South Dakota?

16) ‘Meth. We’re on it,’ South Dakota says in ridiculed ad campaign that cost $449,000

Presidential/Impeachment Follies

17) Impeachment Circus: Will Evil Clown Trump Be Driven from the Big Tent? The Impeachment farce is basically a Jewish affair – Haaretz  Israel Shamir comments:

18) Gordon Sondland: ‘Was there quid pro quo? … The answer is yes’

19) Buttigieg Annointed Frontrunner Despite Bernie’s Lead in More States

Crimes & Follies of Mike Pompeo

20) Pompeo Follows Bibi’s Orders—OKs Criminal Occupation Making USA Rogue Nation & Legitimate Target for Retaliation

21) Trump, Pompeo, and global organized criminal network,-Pompeo,-and-global-organized-criminal-network

Crimes of Zion 

22) Third Israel election looms after failure to form government and Netanyahu Indicted for Corruption

23) Israeli’s dignitaries support the Ban on import of Israeli settlement goods

24) A Nuclear Nightmare: How a War Between Russia and Israel Could Start (Kristol’s “National Interest”)

Bolivia Coup

25) Bolivia’s new government expels Cuban officials, recalls its diplomatic staff from Venezuela

26) Evo Morales Says 32-Year-Old Senator Is Bolivia’s Rightful President

27) Sanders doubles down on Bolivia ‘coup,’ few follow suit

Asian Chaos

28) Chinese soldiers on Hong Kong streets for first time since protests began

29) Hong Kong police move on university campus, begin mass arrests, threaten live fire

30) Trump hikes price tag for US forces in Korea almost 400% as Seoul questions alliance

“Oswald Acted Alone, Epstein Committed Suicide, and the Earth Is Flat!”

31) As JFK Coup Anniversary Approaches, CNN Hypes Flat-Earthers

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