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Charles Upton: Is Religion Under Attack?

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First hour: Charles Upton, renowned Beat poet turned Sufi Muslim interfaith activist, writes in his new essay “Rebuilding Muhammad’s Interfaith Alliance Against the Global Attack on Religion“: “We are all aware of the growing number of attacks on churches, mosques and synagogues around the world, including North America. Whatever attacks are not carried out by (supposedly) lone individuals are usually attributed to, or claimed by, specific known groups: Islamicist terrorists, White Supremacists, etc. But a further question must be asked: are a percentage of these attacks actually false flags, carried out by entities with an agenda of creating conflict between the religions in order to weaken them, destroy the potential solidarity between them, and limit their social influence?”

Charles Upton works with Dr. John Andrew Morrow to publicize the Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad, which order all Muslims to protect Christians, Jews, and other religious communities “until the end of time.” The Covenants Initiative, which has already had a huge impact on the global Muslim community (including on Pakistan’s Supreme Court and Prime Minister Imran Khan) is currently raising funds for a major conference.

2 Thoughts to “Charles Upton: Is Religion Under Attack?”

  1. Amin Abdullah

    The Ruling Classes’s – fervently engaged in human farming – biggest fear is for humans to discover their TRUE IDENTITY, which is : A servant of Allah.

    A major route to that discovery is religion. With the help of propaganda and false flag terrorism blamed on allegedly “religious people” , Satan’s minions hope it will make the masses more receptive to picking their identity from the heap of trashy fake identities they keep presenting : “you are white”, “you are black”, “you are a yankee fan”, “you are gay”, “you are republican, no, you are democrat”, “you are a feminist”, “communist”, anarchist”…etc.

    “Pick any fake identity you want, as long as it steers you away from discovering your Real One”.

    Once people realize their true identity, faithfully adhere to it and passionately protect it, it will be realized that the human farmers and their cohorts of order-followers are nothing but a burden and a virus-like entity on this planet and its inhabitants. This beautiful planet – abused for so long – gives its bounties for free (food, water and shelter). Any concept and anyone coming to block access to Allah’s blessings, is just a parasite that ought to be removed.

    Truth is extreme. To make it moderate is to lie.

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