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FFWN: “The World’s a Mess—But Don’t Blame the Khazarian Mafia!” – Ian Greenhalgh

Broadcast live Fridays 11 to noon Eastern on

Is the “Khazarian mafia” to blame for the world’s ills? Not
according to this week’s FFWN guest commentator Ian Greenhalgh! Ian will also discuss Trump’s shocking admission of US war crimes;
Turkey’s invasion of Syria; rumors of an upcoming Seattle false
flag; suspicious “terror” shootings in France and Germany; and
ongoing debates over 9/11 and “conspiracy theories.” Don’t miss this, the only news show worth watching!


1) End the Fed, Spread the Truth, Support FFWN

“Conspiracy Theories”

2) Why conspiracy theories are deeply dangerous

3) The Implosion Of Building 7 Remains The Irrefutable “Smoking Gun” Of A 9/11 Inside Job

4) False Flag attack on Seattle on Nov 03, 2019

5) Lenny Pozner vs. Jim Fetzer jury selection & trial Monday in Madison, WI

6) Brexit and Deep State: Paranoia Amidst The Chaos

Mideast Madness

7) Turkey launches military offensive in Syria, days after Trump announced pullback of US troops

8) IMAGES from northeastern Syria show civilians fleeing Turkish ‘Operation Peace Spring’

9) Turkey invades Syria with the SNA —”Free Syrian Army” transforms into “Syrian National Army”>

10) Did we betray the Kurds for Trump Towers? | Editorial

11) More Than 100 Killed And Thousands Injured In Anti-Government Protests In Iraq

Trump Turns Peacenik?

12) ‘Time to get out of these ridiculous endless wars’: Trump orders US pullback from Syrian border before Turkish operation begins

13) Trump admits US killed millions in war based on lies

14) The US military dropped more bombs on Afghanistan in the last month than it has since 2010

War on China

15) China Defeats a USA Bogged Down in 9/11-Triggered $8 Trillion 27 Million Muslim Holocaust

16) Hong Kong’s Leader Warns ‘No Options Ruled Out’ If Protests Continue

17) Uighur rights: US blacklists Hikvision, China security bureaus

18) China-U.S. Relations: From Trade War to Hot War?\\


19) “Radical Muslim” Paris Killer Hypnotized? “Heard Voices, Woke Up Abruptly” Before Attack

20) Attackers wore combat-style clothing, had several weapons – eyewitnesses to shooting outside German synagogue (PHOTOS)

Khazarian Mafia? 

21) Khazarian Mafia Doesn’t Exist, Ashkenazi Are Scapegoats Of Jewish Power Elite

22) Rabbi Explains Shocking History of Putin, KGB Chabad & Mossad

23) The Russia-Israel Spy Scandal Puts Iran in an Uncomfortable Position

24) Trump’s Impeachment Meltdown Accelerates Collapse of Netanyahu’s Iran Strategy

25) Israeli Assassination Attempt Misses Gen. Soleimani World’s Most Accomplished Military Figure in Counter-Terrorism

26) Amazon (& Israel’s Unit 8200?) Under Audit for $10bn JEDI Cloud Contract

Not-So-Alternative Radio

27) Layoffs and Canceled Shows at WBAI-FM, a New York Radio Original


Signs of the Times

29) Robin Hood in reverse: US billionaires paid lower tax rates than working class in 2018 in latest blow to capitalism

30) LGBTQXYZ-PC! UK Rules Doctor MUST Use Weird Gender Pronouns

31) ‘Fake News’ Added To Oxford English Dictionary — Really


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