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FFWN: SAUDI ARAMCO UP IN FLAMES! with guest commentator Barrie Zwicker


Broadcast live every Friday 11 to noon Eastern on Kevin’s YouTube Channel

1) Be patriotic, support FFWN!

2) Barrie Zwicker on 18th Anniversary of 9/11 in Historical Perspective

2A) More 9/11 Historical Perspective: CNN Attacks Marianne Williamson for Discussing 9/11 Truth on Kevin Barrett’s Radio Show  Kevin responds:

Saudi Aramco Up in Flames

3) Saudi Arabia oil production reduced by drone strikes

4) US Officials Claim Yemen Not Behind Saudi Aramco Attack, Houthis Reveal ‘Intel Operation’ – Reports—reports/

5) The Strange Case of the Burning Saudi Refineries

6) Saudi oil fire is a winner for the US and its plans for war with Iran – Kim Dotcom

7) Flashback: False Flag “Iranian” Attack on Saudi Arabia

8) Iranian cruise missile does not match tail parts found near Saudi oil field attack but could be an Israeli popeye cruise missile

9) International Outrage over Two Bombed Oil Facilities, Media Silence over Saudi-Led Genocide in Yemen

10) Zarif: Military strike on Iran will lead to ‘all-out war’ in region

Saudi Arabia’s Mighty Air Defenses

11) Putin Says Saudis Should Buy Russian Missiles, to Laughter From Iran

12) New sales pitch? US makes the world’s ‘finest’ anti-air systems, but sometimes they just don’t work, Pompeo explains

Donald Trump’s Mighty Advisors

13) Trump’s Acting National Security Adviser Said Nuclear War With USSR Was Winnable

14) Bolton’s Replacement Charles Kupperman ‘Another Islamophobe,’ Charge Critics

15) Bolton’s Replacement O’Brien: Pompeo Stooge & Warmonger

Crimes of Zion

16) After falling short in Israel’s election, Netanyahu may go to prison


18) Israel and the Decline of the Liberal World Order by Robert Kagan

19) US, Israel talk about mutual defense treaty – Trump

20) ‘Tremendous concern’: Jordan’s King Abdullah says Israel annexing settlements would be ‘disaster’

Meanwhile in Canada…

21) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologizes for wearing “brownface”

22) Scheer Hypocrisy! Trudeau Critic’s Double Standard Showing

23) Justin Trudeau crusades against “anti-Semitism”—while mocking the real Semites

More Inappropriate Behavior

24) U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra Screws Jeffrey Epstein Victims

25) Facebook Expands Definition of Terrorist Organizations to Limit Extremism

War on Huawei

26) Huawei ready to share source code to alleviate security worries

27) Who owns Huawei? Answer: its employees. Is this why Trump want to shut it down because it would create an example for American companies to follow?

World at War

28) Rukban Camp Authority Blocks UN Evacuation, Syrian Militants Use Civilians as Shields – Russian MoD—russian-mod/

29) Taliban Arrive in Moscow Days After Trump Declares Peace Deal ‘Dead’

30) ‘It is ours’: India ready to ‘move forward’ & reclaim Pakistan’s share of Kashmir, minister warns

Zombie Apocalypse vs. “Real” UFO Videos

31) 15 To 20 Foot Sea Level Rise Possible Sooner Rather Than Later

32) The 5G Electromagnetic “Mad Zone” Poised to Self-Destruct: The 5G “Dementors” Meet the 4G “Zombie Apocalypse”

33) US Navy confirms leaked ‘UFO videos’ are real & never should have been released to the public

34) Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer discusses UFOs on Kevin’s Radio Show


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  1. Lana C

    Hi there, I’d like to reach Barrie Zwicker. We met during the 9/11 Citizens’ Inquiry, and I have information I’d like to share with him.
    Thank you,
    Lana C

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