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FFWN: SAUDI ARAMCO UP IN FLAMES! with guest commentator Barrie Zwicker

PSAs Broadcast live every Friday 11 to noon Eastern on Kevin’s YouTube Channel 1) Be patriotic, support FFWN! 2) Barrie Zwicker on 18th Anniversary of 9/11 in Historical Perspective 2A) More 9/11 Historical Perspective: CNN Attacks Marianne Williamson for Discussing 9/11 Truth on Kevin Barrett’s Radio Show  Kevin responds: Saudi Aramco Up in Flames 3) Saudi Arabia oil production reduced by drone strikes 4) US Officials Claim Yemen Not Behind Saudi Aramco Attack, Houthis Reveal ‘Intel Operation’ – Reports—reports/ 5) The Strange Case of the Burning Saudi Refineries 6) Saudi oil fire is a winner for the US and its…