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Randy Short on detention of Marzieh Hashemi (plus Kevin’s new interview with “Pastor Don” Grahn)

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First 20 minutes: Washington DC based political analyst Randy Short joins us to discuss the case of Press TV news anchor Marzieh Hashemi, who was kidnapped by the FBI at the St. Louis airport on Sunday, transported to Washington DC, and held without charges. As Press TV reported:

“Ms. Hashemi has told her family in a phone conversation last night that she has been subjected to violent and abusive treatment from the very onset as described below:

– Ms. Hashemi is yet to be arraigned or given a reason for her detention and imprisonment. She, herself, is at a loss to know why she should ever face apprehension.

– Her family members were kept completely in the dark about her situation for two straight days following the arrest.

– Immediately after arrest, she was forced to remove her hijab (the head covering for Muslim women) even though the authorities knew about her being a Muslim. They allowed her only a T-shirt to wear, with her forearms being exposed against Islamic law. She was even photographed in that state.

– The authorities running the detention facility have paid no heed to her religious preferences, despite her repeated protests.

– She has been forced to use another T-shirt to cover her head so as to remain observant of Islamic values.

– She has been denied halal food (food permissible under Islamic law), being offered only pork as meal and not even bread, which she has requested to avoid the meat. Ms. Hashemi has had nothing to eat other than a packet of crackers since her apprehension. The resulting malnutrition, compounded by cold weather conditions, has made her weak and infirm.

– Her current feeble health condition necessitates urgent medical attention.

– The United States government is accountable for any potential harm or hazard that would affect Ms. Hashemi’s mental or physical condition.”

Final half hour: Donald “Pastor Don” Grahn interviews Kevin Barrett on the Dark Overlord 9/11 revelations and more.

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