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Arash Najaf-Zadeh Critiques European New Right from a Shi’a Muslim Perspective, Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution

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Arash Najaf-Zadeh grew up in the USA in a Christian Iranian immigrant family, converted to Shia Islam, and later moved to Iran. He has authored more than 40 books on many topics relating to Shia Islam and the Islamic Republic of Iran, many of them under the pen name Blake Archer Williams.

In this interview we discuss his new book The European New Right: A Shi’a Response, recently issued from  Black House. Like Sufi Muslim Charles Upton (listen to him discuss his new book on Alexander Dugin) Arash thinks the European New Right has missed the whole point of Traditionalism, which is the return to God. This show continues the discussion I recently had with Keith Preston, whose Thinkers Against Modernity oddly omits the most influential anti-modern thinker of all time, René Guenon, the founder of Traditionalism.

Is Arash Najaf-Zadeh right in his critique of the irrationalism endemic to both mainstream Christianity and the post-Christian, secular-postmodernist West? Does Islam in general, and/or Shi’a Islam in particular, offer a rational and convincing alternative? Listen to the interview, explore Arash’s books, and draw your own conclusions.

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