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Ian Greenhalgh: “Trump vs. Soros”: Everything you know is wrong!

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Hey Trump fans! Before you vote or cheer for for Republicans in the midterms, do some homework on the respective careers of Donald Trump and George Soros. Yes, one of them is working for the, er, “elders of Zion”…but which one?

Veterans Today editor Ian Greenhalgh argues (and I don’t think he’s entirely wrong) that everything “they” accuse Soros of doing is precisely what “they” themselves ARE doing! In other words, the anti-Soros propaganda machine is owned and operated by the criminal associates of a certain Benyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu…i.e. the people who did 9/11. And Trump has been fronting for that criminal cartel throughout his career, never more so than since he assumed the Oval Office.

Does that mean Soros is an angel? Of course not. He’s a Russophobic currency manipulator who supports various kinds of political mischief as well as idealistic causes that resonate with his “open society” philosophy. In short, a mixed bag.

But the Trump-Kushner-Netanyahu group, including their “Russian” mob associates/bosses, is pure evil. THEY (not Soros) are the ones pushing for a global (Zionist) dictatorship.

Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, Alex Jones!

In this interview we discuss Soros’s history, as well the history of the Khazarian Mafia (or “Russian mafiya“) whose historical headquarters was Odessa, but which is now almost synonymous with the occupation of Palestine.


One Thought to “Ian Greenhalgh: “Trump vs. Soros”: Everything you know is wrong!”

  1. Kevin Barrett

    A listener comments:

    Howdy Kevin,

    Yesterday I listened to your radio talk with Ian Greenhalgh, and I have to say it was a very frustrating time for yours truly. The guy was all over the place!! He was sooo roundabout, etiher not answering your lead questions, or answering (a la Chomsky) your qtn. with a qtn.

    The bloke starts off by saying more than once how diligent he is in doing his homework/research, and then winds up not sharing it.
    Ex. Apropos of nothing, he says in passing “… the Scalia death was a hit,” without offering any data, much less evidence
    Ex. Soros is a scapegoat of real crimes committed by real Zionist mafiosa. Okay, nice idea, but he doesnt put any meat on the bones, as it were. The case study par excellence was/is the coup in Ukraine but all Ian does is dance around the topic. He certainly didnt make a case that I could discern. Let me do what I can to break this down:

    Facts articulated by Ian:
    1) Only the 2 westernmost provinces of Ukraine are effectively non-Slav= non-Russian. TRUE
    2) Odessa is the seat of much Russian oligarchic mafia power. ARGUABLY TRUE (BTW, the Georgian port on the Black Sea whose name he couldnt recall is Batumi, very near the border with Turkey, and it belongs to Georgia not Turkey! Misstatement of fact by Ian.)

    My point is, what do these facts have to do with Geo Soros and the Ukraine coup?!

    But the biggest tease was Ian’s reference to a statement supposedly made by Soros saying “I spent 5 billion …[to stop] a coup in Ukraine” where the MSM received version omits the stop part. This is critical!! This is the know that by which ye know all, is it not?!

    But Ian goes flying past this bombshell, leaving the listener dying to hear the rest of the story. No followup, like, zero zip zilch. Both Geo Soros and I can agree that this is unacceptable.

    My conclusion: if Ian G. wants us to see Soros in a more sympathetic light, he just did a rotten effing job. I personally am as confused about Soros as I was before listening to the show

    And I learned precious little about the coup in Ukraine.

    One last point, one which I have been planning to bring out in a 3rd article on Crimea, is that Victoria Nuland openly brags about the Ukraine coup only costing 4 billion, as in what a bargain. My concern here is that her statement is poss. being conflated with the Soros’ statement referenced by Ian G.
    I see the waters being muddied here, and I dont like it.

    So I’m still in the dark on Soros! Maybe next time, Ian.

    My best to you, Kevin. Shall close with a favorite quote from none other than Diego Maradona: “I am a rebel in this convulsed world.”

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