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Ellen Brown says China may put banks out of business; Charles Hudson asks “Could Jared Kushner be the Antichrist?”

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First half hour: Banking expert Ellen Brown recently published “Banks Are Becoming Obsolete in China—Could the U.S. Be Next?“: “The US credit card system siphons off excessive amounts of money from merchants, who must raise their prices to cover this charge. In a typical $100 credit card purchase only $97.25 goes to the seller. The rest goes to banks and processors. But who can compete with Visa and MasterCard? It seems China’s new mobile payment ecosystems can.” But will that little smartphone bar code thingie become THE MARK OF THE BEAST?

Second half hour: Speaking of The Beast…now that we’re getting close to a world in which we will all be microchipped with little bar code thingies allowing us to buy and sell (and allowing the Unholy Oligarchs to revoke our buy-and-sell privileges at any time) it may be late enough in the day to start wondering which person alive today is the best candidate for Antichrist. According to Charles Hudson, author of “Is This Person the Antichrist?”  the “best” available candidate is…get this… Jared Kushner! Among Kushner’s qualifications for the post:

*Kushner is responsible for getting Trump to move the US Embassy to Occupied Jerusalem al-Quds, tantamount to a US-Zionist declaration of holy war on the world’s entire Muslim and Christian population.

*Trump has charged Kushner with  brokering a “Mideast peace” that would complete the genocide of Palestine, allowing Israel to destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque and build a blood sacrifice temple in its place.

*Kushner became the darling of Saudi Israelia by turning to them to bail him out of the worst investment in real estate history: 666 Fifth Ave., NYC.

*Trump is putting Kushner in charge of a long list of big, crazy projects (trade deals, arms deals, Olympics, World Cup, prison reform, health reform, etc.)

*And finally, an internet rumor circulating long before Trump even considered running for president asserts that Kushner was appointed head of the Illuminati at age 26 or 27.

Charles Hudson has earned both a B.A. (1975) and M.A. (1977) in Biblical Literature/ Theology, has lived in Israel for well over a year, and has been researching many issues related to the “end times” for well over 22 years.

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