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FFWN 9/11 anniversary special!

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9/11 Anniversary Special, Sept. 14, 2018

1.Donald Trump Marks 17th Anniversary of 9/11 by

2.National Park Service Enlisted to Perpetrate Lies and Crimes of 9/11

3.Trump Demolishes Robert David’s Steele Plan to Influence US President’s 9/11 Speech

4. Trump Immediately After 9/11: Those Building Could Not Have Been Penetrated by Aluminum Airplanes

4A.The Image of the Plane Penetrating South Tower Must Be Fake Image of Plane Cutting Through South Tower Must Be Fake.png

4B. Shankesville Plane Crash Must Be Fake Plane in Shankesville Pit.png

 FFWN, 14 Sept., #2 Run of Stories

5. No Lies Radio Streams, Archives and Promotes the Three Main 9/11 Anniversary Events

Grand Lake Theatre 9/11 Film Festival, 2018

6.KPFA, Pacifica Takes “Guns and Butter” Off the San Francisco Air Waves

6A. Censorship Image of Guns and Butter Issue on Guns and Butter.png

6B. Resistance to Censorship of Guns and Butter to KPFN Censorship of Guns and Butter.png

FFWN: Amended Petition in Southern District New York of Lawyers Committee for 9-11 Inquiry

7B. Lawyers Petition for 9/11 Grand

7C.The Bobby Mcilvaine Act in US Congress

8.FFWN: President Trump Names 9/11 “Patriot Day” WhileReinforcing Treasonous Line of “radical Islamist terrorists” radical Islamist terrorists

9. FFWN: Defense Teams in Guantanamo ‘Camp Justice’ 9/11 Military
Commission Trial Call for Disqualification of New Judge

10. David Hooper at Grand Lake Theatre as he is moving to completion of
the The Anatomy of a Great Deception, Part 2.

Anatomy Part I

11 David Hooper as a Voice of the 9/11 Truth Movement in Popular Culture

David Hooper in Discussion with Kevin Barrett

with Andy Steele on 9/11 Free Fall

12 David Hooper Was Heavily Influenced by Architects and Engineers and Especially Its Building 7 Campaign. Hooper was especially influenced
by this Video Hosted by the Venerable Ed Asner

New Voice #2, Ron Unz

13. Ron Unz Publishes a Major New Essay Explaining His Gradual Awakening
to the Original Misrepresentation of 9/11 and the Ongoing Cover-Up

14. Who Is Ron Unz(Picture of Unz with Copy of the American Conservative) Ron Unz.png

15. Key Influences on Unz’s Evolving View of 9/11 Include Commentary by
Canadian Journalist Eric Margolis

16. Jonathan Kay, Zionist Defender of the Official Narrative of 9/11,
Attacks His Colleague, Eric Margolis

17. Unz Criticizes the View of 9/11 as an “Inside Job,” as a Plot Against Americans Hatched and Executed Entirely from Within the US Government. Associates Alex Jones with This Error of
Interpretation and Strategy

18. Picture of Bob Bowman
Patriot Bob Bowman on Panel Chaired by Jones.png

19. Top CIA Official, William A. Christison Comes Out as 9/11 Skeptic on 2006

20. Alan Sabrosky, Israel and 9/11

New Voice #3, Laurent Guyenot

21. Laurent Guyenot in Unz Review on 9/11 as an Israeli Job

22. Kevin Barrett in Exchange with Lauent Guyenot

23. “Inside Job” as a False Flag Within a False Flag: Operation Northwood?

24. New Voice, Kathy McGrade, Metallurgical Engineer McGrade, ‘symmetry’.png

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