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Massimo Mazzucco on his long awaited “American Moon”

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Did Neil Armstrong really take that “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” on the moon? Or was the whole thing shot in a studio?

In his brand-new long-awaited release of American Moon, Massimo Mazzucco, the filmmaker who gave us September 11, the New Pearl Harbor, meticulously examines the debate between “moon landing skeptics” and “debunkers.” The result is eye-opening to say the least.

American Moon covers all of the key questions, offering new insights in several areas, especially the question of the authenticity of the moon landing photographs. A successful professional photographer himself, Mazzucco interviews several even more successful (i.e. rich and famous) colleagues, none of whom finds the alleged moon landing photos remotely plausible.

This film should be used, perhaps alongside other moon landing debate material, in critical thinking courses in our high schools and universities. But of course it won’t…because critical thinking is becoming increasingly taboo.

Toward the end of the hour we discuss the “Moon Landing” as a public myth. We mention that Philip Zelikow, who wrote the whole 9/11 Commission Report in chapter outline before the Commission had even convened, describes himself as an “expert in the construction and maintenance of public myths.” Zelikow co-authored a 1998 Foreign Affairs article envisioning the likely political, social, and cultural consequences of a massive Pearl Harbor style terror event such as the destruction of the World Trade Center.

See also: “Evidence of Fraud, US 1969-1972 Lunar Missions

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  1. steve reynolds

    Get Massimo to research Flat Earth .The biggest lie told is that we live on a spinning ball of water.

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