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FFWN: It’s False Flag Season—9/11 anniversary approaches

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9/11 truth events are coming to San Francisco, New York, and Washington DC…and will be live streamed by No Lies Radio!  I’ll have a table at the 9/11 Truth Film Festival at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, CA. Stop by and say hi!

If you can’t make it to SF, NYC, or DC, but want some real world 9/11 truth action, why not call your friends and create a mini-event in your own neck of the woods? Have a 9/11 truth barbecue party— burn the 9/11 Commission Report and roast your favorite food over the coals.


1) It’s 9/11 season, support FFWN!

2) Coming Sept 10-11 (3) 9/11 Truth Live Streams of SF/DC/NYC events!

3) KPFA bans Guns & Butter: Post your comment

4) “Stand up to Saudi” petition nearing one million signatures

MSM’s Shamefaced Silence on Hiroshima/Nagasaki Anniversaries

5) The Satanic Nature of the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

6) David Dionisi says Nagasaki bombing was a satanic sacrifice (this show, and Dionisi’s work, seems to have been scrubbed from Google)

7) Hiroshima/Nagasaki war crimes scrubbed from YouTube

Charlottesville Anniversary—Terror Terror Everywhere

 8) Massive & utterly pointless militarized police presence terrorizes Charlottesville


War on Freedom: Persecution of Anthony Hall

10) Is It ‘Reporting’ or ‘Creative Writing’ in the Province of Alberta? Academic Freedom and the Campaign against Prof. Anthony Hall

11) Contact Alberta Views and complain about their mistreatment of Tony Hall!  (see above link)

12) Tony Hall retires from U. of Lethbridge

Facebook Censorship Accelerates

13) New Facebook Alliance Endangers Access to News about Latin America

14) Despite legal threat, new anti-Facebook site launches to claim tech giant is ‘killing the internet’

War on Alex Jones

15) Alex Jones, the First Amendment,  and the Digital Public Square

16) What You Need to Know about Big Tech’s Assault on Alex Jones

17) FCC Shuts Down Alex Jones’ Pirate Radio Station and Slaps Operators With $15,000 Fine

18) Memoranda for the President on Sandy Hook: Is FEMA A False Flag Fake News Terrorist Node? Should #GoogleGestapo Be Closed Down?

Civil War II

19) Civil War II coming?

20) Nation Magazine cheers ANTIFA fascism and excoriates civility and free speech

21) Alleged Southern California arsonist is a conspiracy theorist.


22) Minnesota and Michigan Elect First Muslim-American Women to Congress: Times They Are A-Changin’

23) Muslim women join the Truth Jihad! Lauren Booth, Rabia speak out on spirituality, politics, and much more

24 )Masked youth burn around 100 cars in Sweden in coordinated attack; False flag operation against refugees?

25) New evidence emerges of China forcing Muslims into ‘reeducation’ camps

War on Turkey

26) Robert Fisk: A US trade war with Turkey over a little known pastor? Don’t believe a word of it

27) Turks are smashing their iPhones to protest Trump

Crimes of Zion

28) “Feminist” IDF?! Chief Rabbi Eyal Karim urges soldiers to rape women for R&R

29) RIP 18-month-old Bayan

30) Israeli soldier who killed stone-throwing Palestinian promoted to head of IDF infantry brigade

31) ‘Israel Becoming Police State’: US Scholar Reza Aslan Threatened by Israeli Agents

32) Can the US Keep Lying About Israel’s Nukes?

33) Our Government Is Awash With Foreign Citizens

9/11 Human Sacrifice

34) President Gets 9/11 Memo, But Will He Respond to It?

35) CIA cables detail interrogation at base run by CIA director

36) Republican Congressional Candidate: Israel Helped Carry Out 9/11

37) Nearly 10K people have gotten cancer from toxic 9/11 dust

9/11 Religious Rites

38) 9/11 Museum (aka Shrine of the Hideous Lie) unleashes “The Dogs of 9/11”

39)  Crime Museum to Host 9/11 Forensic Expert Offers Discounted Admission

Blasphemies vs. Holocaust Religion accelerating!


41) Mooning the Holocaust: Israeli high school student exposes his behind in Majdanek memorial site,7340,L-5328579,00.html

42) Israelis Caught Dancing Naked At Nazi Death Camp

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