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Lauren Booth, Rabia speak out on spirituality, politics, and much more!

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Islamophobes (a category which includes many self-styled apostles of “tolerance” and other liberal virtues) often take a condescending and insulting attitude toward Muslim women. They imagine that women who feel liberated by Islam  are too stupid or naive to realize their actual condition as “slaves of the patriarchy.” And yet three quarters of Western converts to Islam are women—for the most part highly educated independent spirits. Maybe we should stop projecting Orientalist fantasies on Muslim women and let them speak for themselves.

First 35 minutes: Activist author-journalist Lauren Booth talks about battling misconceptions and misinformation since accepting Islam in 2010. As a professional journalist well aware of how things work in that field, she knew the media might not treat her fairly. But she was unprepared for the extent to which the “Tony Blair’s sister-in-law converts to Islam” story would trigger a national panic. To say she has been discriminated against on account of her religion would be an understatement. In this interview we touch on her inspiring story, which is told in more detail in her book Finding Peace in the Holy Land: A British Muslim Memoir.

Final 25 minutes: Rabia of Instrument of Love Healing Services recently suggested a radio interview on the topic: “Spiders and menstruation and Zionists, oh my!” (Yikes, Dorothy—I don’t think we’re in Kansas any more!) My curiosity was piqued. The result is an interview that I think you will agree is unique in the annals of Truth Jihad Radio…and something you would definitely never hear anywhere else. 

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