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Jonathan Simon on election rigging; Gideon Polya on anti-racist Jews vs. Zionism; Jim Fetzer on internet censorship

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First hour: Jonathan Simon of the Election Defense Alliance discusses his book Code Red: Computerized Elections and the War on American Democracy. I cannot recommend this book too highly; it makes a persuasive case that wholesale voting-machine rigging has massively distorted US politics and government since around 2002, when black-box voting machines owned by right-wing Republicans started “counting” the votes…and exit polls, which used to be extremely accurate, suddenly started under-predicting Republican “surprise victories.”

Those on the brink of exposing this high-stakes fraud have a habit of dying suddenly. Karl Rove’s top IT consultant Mike Connell was about to expose Rove’s election rigging in court…then suddenly went down in a plane crash shortly after Rove issued him an apparent death threat. Reporter Raymond Lemme, a journalist who was about to expose Clint Curtis’s scheme to fraudulently “flip the vote” in south Florida, “was found to have committed suicide—evidently, according to forensic photographs, by the always-popular method of stabbing and beating himself to death” (Code Red, p.58).

The solution to this glaring problem is a no-brainer: hand-counted paper ballots.

Dr. Gideon Polya

We are joined about 40 minutes into the show by Dr. Gideon Polya, an Australian scientist from a Hungarian Jewish background, who points out that 41 anti-racist Jewish organizations around the world view BDS as anti-racist, and reject the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism. And yet “Jewish power” still overwhelmingly favors increasingly hard-line Zionism. Why?!

Has the Jewish community, like the American nation, been hijacked by a small minority of right-wing authoritarians using nefarious means? Does the ultra-Zionist right wing rule America in part due to systematic election fraud favoring the most extreme elements of the Republican Party? Listen to Jonathan Simon and Gideon Polya and draw your own conclusions.

Second hour: Ultra-censored University of Minnesota philosophy of science professor emeritus Jim Fetzer joins us to discuss internet censorship. (Spoiler: he’s against it.) He also discusses his books on Sandy Hook and Charlottesville, as well as Robert David Steele’s new series of memos to Trump on Sandy Hook (here is Jim’s memo).

Jim Fetzer’s books have been banned by Amazon. Youtube has banned radio shows because they brought Jim on as a guest (notably the Richie Allen show). Increasingly Jim is persona non grata in more and more of the “new public squares” owned and censored by the internet oligarchs.

Though I don’t agree with all of Jim’s views—we have been having significant differences of opinion, and occasional verbal brawls, since I met him in 2006—I cannot imagine how the views of any highly-regarded philosophy of science professor on topics he has extensively researched and written on can be banned from today’s de facto public square!! If you don’t like what Jim says, contact me to come on my show and refute him. 

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