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False Flag Weekly News special: The free speech campaigns of Anthony Hall and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel


Broadcast live Friday, June 15, 11 to noon Eastern, then archived HERE

0) Remember why the world needs FFWN!

0.A) Remember the Deep Truth Conference is now archived

Trump & Kim Shake, UN Condemns, ISIS(still)=US, Israelis Justify, Israel Pre-emptively Polices & UC Students Stand Up

1)    The Trump-Kim summit advances a unique rapprochement

2)    Trump attacked Trudeau but ‘practically hugged’ dictator Kim Jong Un, says French foreign minister

3)    Breaking: ISIS terrorists are only present in US-controlled areas in Syria – Russian MoD

4)    Beautiful Israel: 90 Percent of Israeli Jews Believe Israel Has Used the Right Amount or Too Little Force in Gaza, and Most Oppose Any Lessening of the Blockade

5)    120 Countries at UN Condemn Israel Over Gaza Violence

6)    Tested on Palestinians: Israel hopes to export ‘pre-emptive’ policing

7)    UC Davis students fight back against Canary Mission

Of, By and For Freedom of Academic Inquiry, Speech, Press and Assembly: Tony Hall and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel Reflect on the State of Their Cases, The Promises and Perils of the Internet as Public Space, and the Real Responsibilities of Intellectuals

 8)    Lethbridge Herald – “Hall tells his side of story” – June 2018

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Pt. 3

Pt. 4

Pt. 5

9) KC Librarian Arrested for Defending Free Speech (10/14/16)

10) Some Alt-Media Covers the Story of The Arrests, And Some Note Israeli Training Connection (Early October 2016)

11) Librarians Stand Up, Take Notice and Give Awards while Charges Escalated (Fall ’16-Spring ’17)

12)KC Librarian Defending Free Speech Found Not Guilty(9-8-17)

13) Lawrence Activist/Jewish Man Arrested at Kansas City Library Event Sues KCPD, Jewish Community Foundation

14)Facebook and the Netanyahu Government (subject line: June 15/18, Tony and Jeremy co-hosting)

14A. Introductory Slide

14B. Jordana Cutler:From Israeli Embassy in Washington to Facebook’s Tel Aviv Office

14C. Netanyahu Rejects Mainstream Criticism as “Fake News.” Deploys Facebook to Win 2015 Election

15) The Facebook Deception

15A. The Photoshopped Image

15B. B’nai Brith Smear Campaign includes Police Investigation

15C. B’nai Brith Notice to Lethbridge Police a Day Before Public Posting?

15D. Facebook deception planted “on my lips

15E. Facebook deception to office of Alberta Premier, Justice Minister

15F. Someone “who advocates the murder of Jews”.

15G. Another Letter to Power Aug. 27.



16) Other Significant Interactions Prior to Suspension of Oct. 3,4/16

16A. Conspiracy Theories on FFWN, 20 June/16

16B. BBC Plants “Holocaust Denier Meme, 28 July/18.

16C. Calgary Jewish Federation to U of L President Mahon, 5 Aug.16

16D. BBC, LH and University Administration Join Forces, Late Sept16

16E. Facebook deception on Front Page of Lethbridge Herald, 29Sept16

17)The Suspension and some Reportage of the Event

17A. B’nai Brith Wants Hall Fired, 30Sept16

Hall, a faculty member in the university’s Globalization department, is the subject of a petition by B’nai Brith that has garnered more than 1,100 signatures since its launch last week. The petition calls on the University of Lethbridge to investigate Hall, but B’nai Brith now wants him removed from his role. “At first we said we would be happy with him no longer espousing the positions he holds publicly … [But] at this point, we were hoping the university would remove him from his position,” said Ryan Bellerose, Western Canada Advocacy Coordinator.

17B. U of L Pres Michael J. Mahon Introduces the Suspension, 3 Oct164C.

17C. Suspension without pay; prohibited from campus.

17D. Why Did JTA Change Its Story, Oct. 5 and 6/16

JTA, 5 Oct/16

TORONTO (JTA) — A Canadian university is seeking to terminate one of its professors after anti-Semitic posts appeared on his Facebook page.

In a statement, the University of Lethbridge in Alberta said it has “requested” that Anthony Hall “enter into a discussion about a mutually agreed termination of [his] appointment to the university.”

Hall met with university officials late last month to discuss his future.

The Facebook post showed an Orthodox Jew in a headlock and text calling for the extermination of all Jews. B’nai Brith Canada launched a complaint with Lethbridge police, which decided not to press hate crimes charges. While “extremely offensive and inappropriate,” it was posted to Hall’s page by a third party, police said.

JTA, 6 Oct

TORONTO (JTA) — A Canadian university has suspended a professor for promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and denying the Holocaust.

The University of Lethbridge in Alberta announced late Wednesday that Anthony Hall has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of an internal investigation into possible violations of Canada’s Human Rights Act. The statement said Hall “has been removed from contact with students.”

17E. Article 11, Collective Agreement, “Academic Freedom.

18) Some Big Themes

18A. Suspicion? Ben Garrison is a Advocate of Censorship of Facebook.

18B. Original Complaint to Alberta Human Rights Commission Was Rejected, 13Feb17

18C. Remembering Splitting The Sky

18D. Support Civilized Israel

18E. Geronimo, bin Laden

18F. Steven Salaita, Palestinians and Native Americans

19) Summing Up

19A. David Noble and the Israel Lobby at York University

19B. BBC Takes on Teacher Nadia Shoufani, 2016

19C. The Islamophobia Industry and False Flag Terrorism

19D. Being Caricatured.

19E. Resign Kurt E. Schlachter.

19F. From Facebook to Policebook

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