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Tom Mysiewicz on Trumpworld, solar minimum; Elana Freeland on “Under an Ionized Sky”

First hour: Tom Mysiewicz writes: “Forget about ‘Russian meddling’ in the 2016 election. There was no ‘Russian meddling’–but I don’t doubt there was a powerful Religious Cult and the Russian-Israeli mob meddling in that election.” And: “The agricultural aspect also requires a discussion of where food supplies will be heading for the next 3-5 years–down–due to the global cooling from the solar minimum (also causing the volcanoes.)”  But is the big oncoming climate threat really “natural” global cooling (or warming)—or rather, as Elana Freeland suggests, potentially catastrophic human climate manipulation?

Second hour: Elana Freeland‘s Under an Ionized Sky argues that “weather engineering is the key to all military EMF ops.” She says our atmosphere is being doused with nanoparticles in service to systems designed to control the weather…and human minds: “Our planet has been weaponized before our eyes.” Under an Ionized Sky notes that the so-called Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) that gave rise to “full spectrum dominance” and the militarization of space, and likely played a role in 9/11, emerged from a 1980 paper co-authored by Michael Aquino, the accused child abuser who was kicked out of the Church of Satan for being too evil. If you agree that America’s military doctrine shouldn’t be drawn up by a guy who’s too evil to be a satanist, listen to this show, read Elana’s book all the way to the “what you can do” section at the end…and then join the resistance.

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  1. Kevin Barrett

    Tom Mysiewicz writes:

    I discussed my book chapter (originally titled “Futurenomics”) that appeared in Leo Rebello’s 2009 compendium “World Without Wars” as “Economic Antidote to War” starting on page 50. In the free pdf link below, the chapter starts on pdf page 26:

    The premise was that by monetizing agriculture and actual productive activity in general vs. the current system of fractional-reserve banking, derivatives, fiat money, interest-bearing debt and the like–reral wealth could be equitably distributed and much of the economic scarcity that leads to many wars could be eliminated. A cause of economic panics is that many assets are imaginary and are many multiple derivatives of real things. With the advent of blockchain technology such as that developed by Hashgraph (not a coin) such a system of monetized productivity could be gradually implemented.

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