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Sandy Hook free speech challenge! Jim Fetzer to Lenny Pozner: “Sue me, not Alex Jones!”

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Today’s show is a protest against YouTube’s censorship of the Richie Allen show, following Richie’s interview of Jim Fetzer on the topic of the Sandy Hook and Parkland shootings. Jim Fetzer has impressive academic credentials and has edited a book on Sandy Hook. Jim’s views, whether correct or not, are newsworthy; no news outlet should be punished for reporting them and giving them a fair hearing. If Jim says anything potentially defamatory, sue him! Don’t kill the messenger—the alternative media—which enjoys First Amendment protections precisely so it can fearlessly pursue controversial topics. Challenge to Lenny Posner and Neil Heslin: If you don’t like what Jim says (and I’m sure you don’t) contact me at TruthJihad(AT]gmail{DOT}com and I will be happy to offer you air time to respond. (I am also trying to get an interview with another Sandy Hook parent who will presumably take issue with Jim’s position…stay tuned for updates.)

First 25 minutes: University of Minnesota Duluth Professor Emeritus James Fetzer discusses today’s New York Times story: “Sandy Hook parents sue Alex Jones for defamation.” According to the Times: “Three parents whose children were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 filed a defamation lawsuit on Tuesday against Alex Jones, the right-wing conspiracy theorist who has long claimed the shooting was ‘completely fake’ and a ‘giant hoax’ perpetrated by opponents of the Second Amendment.”

Jim Fetzer claims he has more than enough evidence to prove Alex Jones right in a court of law. He has contacted Alex and offered his services as an expert witness and facilitator of other expert witnesses. In this interview, Jim challenges Lenny Posner and Neil Heslin to sue him, and says he is confident that he can prevail in court.

Jim sends the following links that relate to assertions he makes during the interview:

“Fake News on Five Fronts”: Latest on Sandy Hook et al.

“Sandy Hook: Neil Haslim CONTRADICTS official narrative”

SANDY HOOK starring Wayne Carver as The Medical Examiner

“How to Spot a False Flag” (exposing 10-12 examples)

“Fake News: Issues of Identity”


Final 35 minutes: Richie Allen interviews Kevin Barrett on escalating censorship of the alternative media, the Skripal and Douma suspected chemical weapons false flags, and other issues.

2 Thoughts to “Sandy Hook free speech challenge! Jim Fetzer to Lenny Pozner: “Sue me, not Alex Jones!””

  1. Kevin Barrett

    From a listener:

    I just finished listening to your interview with Jim Fetzer regarding Sandy Hook and was surprised that Wolfgang Halbig’s lawsuit was not mentioned. Lenny Pozner sued Wolfgang and eventually withdrew the suit two days before he was going to be required to sit for a video taped deposition. This cost Wolfgang thousands of dollars, but as you understand, he was pursuing it precisely so that important legal discovery could occur. I believe that that is the pattern to expect: file the suit, grab the headline (eg, “SH Parent Sues Conspiracy Nuts”), and then duck real legal discovery. Lenny’s suit and dismissal was covered by We Are Change Orlando and Wolfgang himself. Here’s one short report from We Are Change Orlando: More info in comments section, and keep in mind that youtube continues to censor content, so this link is not the latest report where Pozner withdrew the lawsuit.

  2. Potsy

    I realize the “Parlkand FL shooting” hoax was a sidenote in this show; but some good memes to spread re the event’s headlined crisis actor, David Hogg:

    “Tide Pod Hogg” animated GIF:

    “Hogg Five Words”
    animated GIF:
    6 sec video, Charlton Heston voiceover:

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