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Ian Greenhalgh on secret societies, human sacrifice, the “red mafiya,” and the war on Russia

Did Jimmy Saville have free rein to rape thousands of children, barely even bothering to hide his crimes, because he belongs to one of the secret societies that run the world?

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Who really runs the world? Military historian and Veterans Today commentator Ian Greenhalgh says that on the bottom rung of the power pyramid we find heads of state like Donald Trump and Theresa May, whose real function is akin to middle management. Above them are the international banking families: the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and so on. But the top of the pyramid, where the real power lies, is the domain of elite secret societies—at least some of whom practice a “religion” that involves ritual abuse and human sacrifice.

Was Donald Trump put in power by an unholy consortium featuring elements of British intelligence allied to the Russian-Zionist mafia? Are they planning not just the Oded Yinon- forecast destruction of Syria and the rest of the Muslim East, but also a reprise of the 1990s destruction and looting of Russia? Or is this all being driven by Israelis  obsessed with making war on Iran? (If they do attack Iran, Ian says, the Israelis may or may not live to regret it.)


One Thought to “Ian Greenhalgh on secret societies, human sacrifice, the “red mafiya,” and the war on Russia”

  1. JG

    The Iran situation is a difficult enigma.

    On the one hand Iranian policies look just and enlightened on many issues.

    On the other hand, their targeting of Israeli citizens through proxy-terror seems at times indiscriminate.

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