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Maisoon Rice: I’m fed up with anti-Islam propaganda!

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Maisoon Rice is a British-Palestinian-Pakistani blogger and activist. She recently contacted me to advise me to stop using the word “Islamist,” which she believes has become a pejorative word for (politically-engaged) Muslims. In this interview we discuss and debate issues related to the propaganda war on Islam. Maisoon also expresses her strong support for traditional family values, and her opposition to various movements that undermine them.  Her take on gender issues resonates in some ways, and clashes in others, with the “ecofeminist” views that Cat McGuire expressed recently on this show.

Maisoon sends these links to illustrate her points:

Schools should stop addressing pupils as ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ – Tes

Headmaster at £20000-a-year private school is forced to apologise after plan for gender-neutral toilets and uniforms made pupils feel ‘uncomfortable’

Scottish Government plan for gender neutral school toilets

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