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Dave Gahary and Jim Fetzer on Charlottesville, Parkland, and other suspected false flags

Broadcast live Friday Feb. 23, 8 to 10 p.m. Eastern on Revolution.Radio, archived the next day HERE

First hour: Dave Gahary of American Free Press contributed two articles to Fetzer & Palecek (eds.) new book Political Theater in Charlottesville. (I contributed one myself.) His second article “To Understand Charlottesville, Look to Philadelphia 40 Years Ago”  includes a long excerpt from Chapter Five of The Ugly Truth About the ADL explaining how the self-proclaimed “Jewish Masonic organization” has used Cointelpro and terrorist tactics in ways that remind us of what seems to have gone down in Charlottesville.

Second hour: Jim Fetzer continues the conversation on his new edited Charlottesville book—and how it relates to the Parkland shooting. This information is apparently so sensitive that anyone who airs it—as Richie Allen did recently—risks being scrubbed by the internet oligarchs!

Here at Truth Jihad Radio we are dedicated to airing precisely the information and interpretations that the oligarchs don’t want you to hear about. As avid defenders of the Bill of Rights in general and free speech in particular, we have an obligation to respond to Youtube’s nuking of Richie Allen’s channel by calling attention to the information that Youtube is trying to suppress. Whether or not Jim’s interpretation of these events is correct is not the main issue—the issue is FREEDOM OF SPEECH! If Jim is committing libel, SUE HIM! If Jim is wrong, REBUT HIM! Don’t censor the journalists who report what  Jim and others are saying.

Interestingly, though Jim Fetzer and Mike Palecek have roots in the left side of the political spectrum, the thrust of their new Charlottesville book is that the event was staged to demonize the Trump-voting right. Shortly after the book came out, the Parkland school shooting erupted—and once again the pro-gun-rights folks are being demonized as “crazy right-wing conspiracy theorists.”  While I am far from being a Trump fan, I have to admit that it looks like there is an MSM campaign to demonize the alt right, possibly with the help of false flag PR stunts.

For more on how I see the alt-right, check out my article: Rights and Wrongs of the Alt-Right

Jim writes to inform us that he recently presented updates on Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, Charlottesville and Las Vegas in Portland and Seattle. The first up was banned (surprise! surprise!), but the others were uploaded to BitChute. 

Check them out at the following links:

“False Flags on Five Fronts” (Portland)
“False Flags on Five Fronts” (Seattle)
with fifteen contributors, is available from

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