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Peter Koenig is back from Uzbekistan – past and future “center of the world”

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Whistleblowing former World Bank economist Peter Koenig just returned from Uzbekistan. (Read about his trip in “Uzbekistan: A Voice from Eurasia.”)

Peter notes that “Uzbekistan, and other Central Asian countries, are experiencing a mini-boom thanks to the sanctions imposed on Russia by Washington and through extension by its European vassals. Her exports of vegetables, fruit, other agricultural and industrial goods to Russia are skyrocketing. Mr. Putin already said two years ago (that) the sanctions were the best thing that ever happened to Russia…”

Formerly the center of the trans-Eurasian Silk Road, and the home of the glorious Islamic cities Samarkand and Bukhara, Uzbekistan (and the rest of the Silk Road) may once again become central to global exchange, thanks to China’s New Silk Road project – the One Belt Initiative – which promises to end the era of world dominance by a relative handful of pale-skinned sea pirates from the northwest fringes of the vast Eurasian continent.

Will NATO try to shore up its eroding influence by accelerating its “destabilization and destruction” program worldwide? Will petrodollar-based institutions like the World Bank, IMF, and the Federal Reserve hang onto their stranglehold over global reserve currency for another decade? Or has the world decisive shifted away from Zio-American hegemony, as more and more countries exit the dollar trading system?  Listen to Peter Koenig and get ready for a whole new world.

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