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Tom Mysiewicz on “The Las Vegas Gambit”

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Tom Mysiewicz

Journalist Tom Mysiewicz’s new article “The Las Vegas Gambit” begins: “The October 1st attack on the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas—which ex-intel operative Robert David Steele speculates may be a real surprise attack that hijacked a week-long Federal training drill–is starting to resemble the false narrative concocted after the 1963 assassination of JFK…”

Mysiewicz’s 6000 word article draws on his experience with guns and policing:

“Unlike most journalists, I’m somewhat familiar with firearms and their use and have hunted and put in serious range time. (As a young man I also ghost wrote articles for police magazines on technology and police procedures.) Listening to the soundtracks in several videos convinces me that the shooting came from two or more locations.”

So if “Lee Harvey Paddock” was a patsy, then who dunnit and why? Listen to this interview, read the article, and you will be able to make some educated guesses.

One Thought to “Tom Mysiewicz on “The Las Vegas Gambit””

  1. Anonymous

    Hello Kevin,
    to me it is rather clear why the "Las Vegas massacre of 2017" was pulled off in Las Vegas. Sheldon Adelson and associates provided the same support for the "massacre" that the elite of Dallas provided Johnson and Bush Sr. for the assassination of JFK. I consider President Trump intervening to describe Pollard as having wires crossed in his brain as support for his Republican friend, Adelson, who contributed to the Trump campaign and conducted a conference of jewish republicans in his hotel in 2016. I wonder which had more success with the Trump campaign, Mrs. Conway or the deceitful of Judaism ? Thanks for your article on VT. I am a retiree and limited in funds to contribute to your effort. Regards, E

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