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US Army Intelligence whistleblower Greg Ford, journalist Dan Hennen on Deep State killings

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Greg Ford

First hour: US Army Intelligence whistleblower Greg Ford returns with more revelations. Topics include: Citizen investigators’ need for carefulness and compassion when voicing suspicions about crisis actors; Cheney and Rumsfeld sending not only chemical weapons (P-400 1000-pound converted bomb casings full of VX gas salt with pressurization tanks – “one can kill a city”) but also nuclear triggers* to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq; the toxic burn pits that destroyed the health of both Iraqis and US troops; how Japan and then the US genocided Korea; the rapidly-disappearing distinction between the US government and organized crime, whose leading faction is what Greg calls the Russian-Israeli mafia; and more.  
*“I saw a stack of these on the left hand wall of the bunker. There was something torn open, sitting on the top, it looked like a metal softball with four rods and an instrument package at one end…these are state-of-the-art explosives that are used to detonate nuclear munitions…a trigger designed by one of the first executive orders George W. Bush made when he walked into office was that the Los Alamos facility produce these slow-speed nuclear detonators. They call them pits. They are designed to have a slower ignition speed because there was plenty of dirty fissile material in Iraq.”

Ex-CIA drug pilot and 9/11 whistleblower Philip Marshall and his two children, all murdered by unknown operatives

Second hour: Dan Hennen is a Midwest-based journalist who has been covering the Philip Marshall family murders and the David Crowley family murders. He created the Facebook pages Justice for Philip, Alex, and Macaila Marshall and Justice for David Crowley and family.
     For more about the execution of whistleblowing CIA drug pilot Philip Marshall and family, check out my interview with Wayne Madsen, who flew to California to investigate the case with Greg Ford.

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