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Ellen Brown explains Universal Basic Income; Art Olivier on illuminati symbolism in Las Vegas false flag

Broadcast here October 11th 11 to noon Eastern then archived. All my shows are archived at my Patreon page – please subscribe and keep this show going!

First half: Ellen Brown explains “How to Fund a Universal Basic Income Without Increasing Taxes or Inflation.” But would it really be possible to hand every adult US citizen $10,000 each year…no strings attached? I raise the best objections I can think of, and Ellen answers them.
     At the end of the segment, warming up for Art Olivier, Ellen broaches such topics as THIS is Why The Sumerians are NOT Taught in School – Sumerian Tablets – Lost Ancient Civilization.

Second half: Art Olivier discusses illuminati symbolism surrounding the recent Las Vegas shooting. (For a good primer on the subject, see Research Leads and Notes on theROUTE 91 HARVEST MASSACRE by Michael Hoffman, which features the photos below.)

2 Thoughts to “Ellen Brown explains Universal Basic Income; Art Olivier on illuminati symbolism in Las Vegas false flag”

  1. Anonymous

    The brother of the Vegas shooter said "Mars just fell into the earth." 527 were injured and 59 died. 527 is a composite of 31×17. 31 is the 11th prime number, 17 is the 7th and 59 is the 17th, 11/7/17. Bruno Mars, the singer who shouted "illuminati now" at the Superbowl halftime show is performing at the Forum on 11/7/17.

  2. Anonymous

    The Friday the 13th Paris attacks may have been revenge for the Knights Templars in Paris being burnt at the stake on Friday the 13th, 1307. The possible attack on the Forum may be revenge for the burning of mystic Giordano Bruno (as in Bruno Mars) alive at the stake for heresy in 1600.

    Humanum genus by Pope Leo XIII on 4/20/1884 made it clear that Freemasons would not have eternal salvation. The Masons responded by putting up a statue of Giordano Bruno in Rome. It was made by Ettore Ferrari, the Grand Master of the Grande Oriente d'Italia, the Italian Freemasons.

    The Forum was designed by Charles Luckman, an appointee of 33 degree Freemason Harry Truman, to evoke the Roman Forum where Saturn (Satan) worshipers built their temple.
    I don't remember if I mentioned it on your show, but the guy that plays the brother of the Vegas shooter is tied in with the crisis management company that oversaw the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

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