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Nadeem Haque and Zeshan Shahbaz: Is Islam reasonable? Was Buddha a prophet?

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Nadeem Haque and Zeshan Shahbaz are two of North America’s most provocative Muslim thinkers. They have written and lectured on a variety of topics, including economics and banking, Islamic science fiction, extraterrestrials and Islam (on my radio show), and much more.

First hour: Nadeem Haque and Zeshan Shahbaz discuss the role of reason in Islam. Is Islam reasonable? Does it value reason highly – perhaps more highly than most other religious traditions? If so, why do we see so many reports of unreasonable behavior by nominal Muslims? And can any religion really be reconciled with reason? Wasn’t the Enlightenment a sort of revolt of pure reason (buttressed by empiricism) against religious dogma? So how does Islam fit into the picture?

Check out Zeshan’s article “What Is the Core Method of Islam?

Second hour: Nadeem Haque on “Buddha: a prophet in Islam.” One way that Islam seems unusually “reasonable” or “tolerant” is its assertion that thousands of prophets have brought Divine messages to thousands of wildly diverse communities throughout history. Jesus and Moses are two such prophets; both are repeatedly mentioned and discussed, in highly positive terms, in the Qur’an. But what about the other major founder of a great religion whose teachings influence much of humanity: the Buddha?

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