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J. Michael Springmann: Internet oligarchs censoring “weaponized migration”

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A strange thing happened when J. Michael Springmann paid FaceBook to advertise his new book GoodbyeEurope? HelloChaos?: Merkel’s Migrant Bomb. Whereas his previous book Visas for Al-Qaeda had picked up hundreds of “likes” through the FaceBook program, the new one was only getting a handful. After a long and frustrating investigation, Springmann finally was informed that his book had been stifled because it was “hate speech.” And no, they weren’t going to refund his money!

Mike Springmann, a practicing attorney and former State Department diplomat, is a thinker, not a hater. And while his analysis of “weaponized migration” may not please everyone — I don’t agree with all of it myself — it is more than worthy of careful consideration. Read Barrie Zwicker’s terrific review:


In the final analysis, Mike Springmann is NOT spreading hatred of immigrants. Instead, he is providing facts and analysis that could lead people to become justifiably angry at US government policymakers and the oligarchs who own them. The censorship he is experiencing is outrageous and un-American.

3 Thoughts to “J. Michael Springmann: Internet oligarchs censoring “weaponized migration””

  1. The ruling class knows that the stupid masses are hungry for servitude, so they use unemployment as a scare tactic to control and pressure their slaves.

    They have convinced everybody, that slaving for some monetary income (meager or large), is just the natural order of things.

    While they are being crushed by daily stress, anxiety and tension, the best thing people think they can do, is to sign up for even more enslavement – even compete for it and hating one another in the process – then use health-destroying junk-food, spirituality-destroying junk-TV and spirituality-destroying Porn as an outlet for the stress that is by design being dumped daily on them.

    How stupid are people to want to slave for the ruling class, in the first place ?. It is just like some folks who start competing for welfare as if it were the panacea to get it.

    It is Allah who put us here on earth. Our primary mission is to worship Him. We weren't put here to spend a lifetime worrying about jobs, careers, tax forms, mortgages, the speeding ticket, how far the car is parked away from the curb…etc. All that BS is devised by Satan's minions (your beloved rulers), to distract us from Allah as much as possible. Those parasites hate Allah and His creation. Just look at the weapons they have developed, and are still developing, to inflict more pain, suffering and destruction on everybody and everything.

    This beautiful planet – thanks to Allah – gives its bounties (water, food, shelter) FOR FREE, with only a minimal effort invested.

    There is absolutely no need for a ruling class, its parasitic institutions, its parasitic armies of bureaucrats nor its parasitic orders-followers (though some of them can be reconnected with their humanity, IMHO).

    Those overly anxious about jobs, employment…etc, are like slaves anxious to find masters to pick cotton for, then anxious afterward to go clean their toilets with a toothbrush.

    If it means going back to horse carriages, so why not ?. It would be a small price to pay for being Free; for being stress, anxiety and tension-free; and for finally having some peace to reconnect the correct way with Allah.

    The only thing missing, is for people to snap out of their deep trance state, that they are far from even acknowledging. Their enslavement to a tyrannical system, has become as natural to them as breathing.

    On Modern Servitude :

  2. Anonymous

    "which is what the cabalist want", that is a mouth full that is what I've always believed, why they don't stop immigrants, in the USA, for cheap labor.

  3. Anonymous

    Kevin please read freepressmattersDOTcom. Leaker exposes Trump's election as a military coup with proof that cannot be discredited.

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