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Enver Masud: We can easily disprove the Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11 Pentagon attack

Broadcast here August 21st, 11 to noon Eastern then archived. All my shows are archived at my Patreon page – please consider subscribing!

Enver Masud

First half hour: Enver Masud of The Wisdom Fund drove up the hill behind his apartment on the morning of 9/11/2001 and looked down at the side of the Pentagon that had allegedly been hit by a Boeing 757 piloted by Hani Hanjour – a flight school reject who could not be trusted at the controls of a Cessna training aircraft. Enver saw no sign of any plane crash. So what really happened there?

In this interview, Enver offers a different perspective from the one Wayne Coste presented on this show a few weeks ago.

Wayne Coste interview part one

Wayne Coste interview part two

The bottom line, Enver says, is that the government narrative can easily be falsified on any number of grounds. And he isn’t sold on Wayne Coste’s argument for a big plane impact on the official trajectory.

Enver Masud is founder and CEO of The Wisdom Fund (est. 1995), and recipient of the 2002 Gold Award from the Human Rights Foundation (South Africa) for his book The War on Islam (FREE). He is also the author of 9/11 Unveiled (FREE), and a contributing author of Islam: Opposing Viewpointsand 9/11 and American Empire: Christians, Jews, and Muslims Speak Out.

Mr. Masud worked as an engineering management consultant for the World Bank, EBRD and USAID in Albania, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Latvia, Pakistan, Russia, Tanzania. He was at the forefront of innovation in the electric power industry, and managed the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Power Grid Study. For his efforts to expose waste in the electricity sector he was the subject of TV, radio, newspaper reports — one by “a father of modern investigative journalism,” Jack Anderson.

2nd half hour: Richie Allen interviews Kevin Barrett on Charlottesville.

4 Thoughts to “Enver Masud: We can easily disprove the Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11 Pentagon attack”

  1. Those "south asian gangs" Richie Allen talks about, are just bad people intoxicated with backward tribal traditions. They have nothing to do with Islam whatsoever, even though in their original society it is the custom to wear a thin Islamic layer on the outside to try to hide the stinking rot inside them.

    Like any Bully, they have to be dealt with swiftly and harshly, no matter what country they are in. If the English police is letting them get away with their misdeeds, it is NOT for fear of being called "racists", but it is to use them as a tool to create more tension and hatred among the slaves in the plantation (ie : society). Just another distraction from the parasitic ruling class abusing everybody.

  2. Regarding the police infiltrating protests to start violence, here below is a great video illustrating that. The union leader spotted those rats by their police boots :

    Video :

    cbc Article :

    Whenever a very light wind of rebellion is in the air, the ruling class being as insecure as every bully is, tries to start violence on the plantation. Disorganized violence is easy to squash, thanks to their orders-followers, ie : the hired thugs highly trained in – and equipped for – violence and brutality.

    What worries the ruling class, is 'Organized Violence'. For it is intelligent, dedicated, passionate and can be very potent in uprooting the forces of evil plaguing mankind on this planet.

    That is why – while being the most cruel , the most vicious and the most brutal group of individuals – the ruling class labors incessantly into indoctrinating the slaves on the plantation, with the idea that violence is inherently bad, even against the enslavers. ("….oh I am a dissident, but a peaceful one". It is like a sheep talking peace with a pack of hungry wolves)

    A few years ago in BS NYC, I came across a black man who just spent 11 years in prison, for having killed an aggressor with his own knife (the aggressor's knife). He wanted to rob the guy's money after he just left a check cashing place. The judge told him "you should have called the cops" and gave him 11 years in prison.

    The ruling class and its parasitic bureaucrats, were undoubtedly thinking : "After all we do to emasculate the males, how dare he take a stand ?. One day he might come and get us. Him and those he contaminated with the I-won't-take-BS mindset. Let's make an example out of him and break him in prison".

    For parasitic judges to inflict such injustices on individuals, without fear of any repercussion by the masses, it is a strong sign of how people are concerned only by their immediate comfort. It is a strong sign of how well people are well-trained at finding and loving their place in the plantation of their masters. No wonder the ruling class has nothing for the common folks, but utter contempt.

    The federal judge (Alvin Hellerstein) who derailed everything regarding 9-11, is another parasite that comes to mind : No fear of repercussions by the masses whatsoever.

  3. Anonymous

    Loved both comments above. Look at the comments at Truthdig to see how this once "Leftish" site and it's followers has turned to the Fascist side.

  4. Whatever rot people are trying to hide inside them, Allah will create circumstances to bring it to the surface, so that their true nature becomes evident for all to see, including themselves.

    At which point, they can either use their Allah-given free-will and intellect to correct their course, or, they shall be witnesses against their own selves on judgement day.

    As for "truthdig" turning this or that, do not waste energy seeking companionship in doing what you think is right. Whoever wants to be fascist, or this or that, so be it. It is his choice.

    If Allah approves of your efforts and wants to bring you the support of other humans as a blessing, then He will, when and how He decides.

    The roots of Freedom are in the mind and in the heart. Alhamdulillah for His Signs and His Guidance.

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