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Thaddeus Kozinski on religion, spirituality, Catholicism…and the secular-fundamentalist New World Order

Broadcast here July 26th, 11 to noon Eastern then archived. All my shows are archived at my Patreon page – please consider subscribing!

Catholic intellectual and philosophy professor Thaddeus Kozinski takes issue with Art Olivier’s characterization of Loyola and the Counter-Reformation during Friday’s radio show. Thaddeus thinks Catholicism, like Islam, has been targeted by anti-reliigous propagandists. But who is behind the propaganda? Are millenarian fanatics bent on ushering in a secular-fundamentalist New World Order? And if so, are these people fanatical atheists – or dark magicians, Sabbetean-Frankist Jewish heretics, or what?

 Thaddeus Kozinski wrote a brilliant essay on the “satanic sacred” for my edited book We Are Not Charlie Hebdo. in this interview we also touch on my essay Islam, Armageddon and the “Secret of Fatima, and discuss 9/11 as an engineered religion based on human sacrifice – see my interview with Tom Breidenbach.

3 Thoughts to “Thaddeus Kozinski on religion, spirituality, Catholicism…and the secular-fundamentalist New World Order”

  1. Another great interview! I agree that secular, scientific empiricism continues to be so detrimental to society. I look forward to your Michael Hoffman interview further explaining science's roots in the world of magic and alchemy. So ironic!

    I appreciated your discussion of Mary as an exalted figure of the divine feminine. It was really unfortunate, however, that you totally ignored any connection with the great goddess cultures that both preceded and lasted longer than judeo-christianity by thousands of centuries.

    I like the idea that a valid reason for not following a religion is because of it's precepts (e.g., too authoritarianism or too orthodox) and *not* because of any anomaly outside of the religion's actual teachings (e.g., the inquisition, pedophilia, the Crusades). And yet you turned around and did the same thing in order to bad mouth new age spirituality — i.e., pointing to self-serving gurus as an example of why new age spiritual practices are suspect.

    I personally prefer both new age spirituality and shamanism. At core, I believe they have far less orthodoxy, authoritarianism, and prescribed structure than mainstream organized religions. Perhaps all the rules, rituals, and dogma provide people a helpful interface with the sacred. IMHO, though, all those layers of mediation between people and Spirit in reality just create "trickle-down spirituality," i.e., more religiosity and less deep, ineffable connection to Source.

  2. Glad to see listeners are thinking for themselves! Despite my affinity for traditionalist Catholics (at least the smart ones) I obviously don't share the predisposition to consign everything outside of Catholic dogma to hellfire. "Ye shall know them by their fruits." I respect a truth-and-justice-loving shamanist a lot more than a corrupt individual who professes correct dogma. That said, I also see the "fruits" of the decline of traditional religion as mostly rotten. Guenon got it mostly right.

  3. Agreed! Any religious practice is better than this secularist, atheistic nihilism that currently predominates. The loss of connection to god has resulted in massive societal backsliding into spiritual Babel.

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