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Revisionist historian Michael Hoffman; Part 2 of Wayne Coste’s revisionist take on what hit the Pentagon

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This special edition of Truth Jihad Radio focuses on historical revisionism. Can conventional, widely-shared narratives turn out to be wrong? Here are two case studies: The first hour challenges our understanding of intellectual and religious history; the second hour takes on the dominant 9/11 truth movement narrative about what damaged the Pentagon.

First hour: Michael Hoffman is a leading revisionist historian. His new book The Occult Renaissance and the Church of Rome argues that Western culture took a wrong turn five centuries ago, when Neoplatonists and exponents of “hermetic” wisdom permanently took over the Vatican…leading to situational morality, sanctified lying, duplicity, hypocrisy, and even legalized usury…and introducing occultism, black magic, and freemasonry into the heart of Western Christendom.

Second hour: Engineer Wayne Coste continues his challenge to the dominant 9/11 truth movement narrative about what happened at the Pentagon. Read about it, and listen to Part 1 of his analysis, HERE.

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