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Insider Barry Lanza spills secrets: 9/11 foreknowledge, Western-freemasonic coup attempts against Iran, and more!

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Barry Lanza

Barry Lanza has worked for several of the world’s most powerful institutions, including the Federal Reserve, and has held numerous security clearances. For details on Barry’s background, check out my article:

Insider spills secrets: Western-freemasonic coup attempts against Iran

In this interview Barry offers an insider’s perspective on how power really works, and gives behind-the-scenes details on several issues including:

*The projection of global power by the freemasons, Rothschilds, state of Israel.

*The significance of this Friday’s elections in Iran, in light of the existence of a global Deep State network with a presence there;

*The Russian Revolution’s war on Christianity (but not Judaism) explicable by the fact that the Revolution was led by Jews;

*The looting of Russia under Clinton during the 1990s;

*How the Kosher Nostra pushed out the old Italian mafia and gained control of New York and the USA – and how the last President who tried to limit the power of what Barry calls “the Jewish groups,” George H.W. Bush, lost and became a one term president;

*And, last but not least, how Barry gained foreknowledge of 9/11, tried to warn the US government, and suffered persecution as a result.

2 Thoughts to “Insider Barry Lanza spills secrets: 9/11 foreknowledge, Western-freemasonic coup attempts against Iran, and more!”

  1. Some Barry’s in-laws :

    “My wife’s family Hessabi(y) was part of the old Qajar Dynasty. Many served in the Shah’s regime and quietly worked for the Jewish groups…..”.

    Barry’s father-in-law, Dr. Mehdi Hessabi:

    “Dr. Mehdi Hessabi – father-in-law -was convicted head of British spies in Iran…he was a colonial governor under the British and the Shah. He was a freemason in the city of London….".

    And I thought my mother-in-law and the wife were bad !!!!.

    May I suggest that Barry takes his wife and his in-laws to an overdue very nice family vacation in the Amazon, where rivers are known to be populated with hungry efficient piranhas. But, please, he has to make sure not to have them stand too close to the edge and make sure not to push them (all of them) in the river (wink wink). Family and love are so beautiful and important.

  2. He definitely does have in-law problems.

    Remember, as Robert Anton Wilson used to say, "If in-laws are outlawed, only outlaws will have in-laws."

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