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Jeremy Rothe-Kushel’s letter to Left Forum Board

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel is sitting in for Professor Anthony Hall as co-host of False Flag Weekly News today.
To the Left Forum,

Is it the case that the Left Forum has deliberatively come down on the historical side of “Never again…Unless the ongoing holocaust is against Arab &/or Muslim semitic peoples and their mainstream worldview & majority understandings of the racist, fraudulent, scapegoat terrorism targeted at them by a garrison Jewish warfare state & its aligned fascist thugs in the ‘West?’

So, the mass slaughter of thousands of Semitic men, women & children, the long-term genetic poisoning of vast swaths of their lands through depleted uranium, the cultural & political genocides perpetrated by the ongoing destabilization campaigns against their nations & the ongoing attack on their image by the weaponized moving image industry most clearly seen in the decades of anti-Arab, anti-Muslim propaganda put forth by Hollywood & the MSM is not yet enough?

Now, the mainstream educated viewpoint of the Arab & Muslim street and Academy – that a Zionist-goaded West is in large part responsible for the production of made-for-TV mass terror extravaganzas with Muslim names & Arab faces effectively blamed with no balancing analysis allowed on air or in print, 
and the facilitation of terrorist counter-gangs like the ‘Islamic State’ managed as proxies to not only tar the image of Muslims globally but violently target Muslims and indigenous others locally – must now also be stopped, harassed & rejected, like politically uppity Palestinians at an Israeli checkpoint, from entering allegedly anti-racist Left space?

Allegations of anti-Semitism against my friends & colleagues Dr. Kevin Barrett & (unlawfully suspended on behalf of Israel Lobby interests like B’nai Brith) Professor Anthony Hall are fraudulent & assaultive. 

Anybody who would spend an open-minded & hearted afternoon with these scholars and gentlemen, let alone the weeks necessary to go over the respective details of their unique & critical public intellectual contributions that push against a context of near universal deceit on big issues, would know that they are anti-racist to the bone &, even more importantly, vigorous defenders of the dignity of all human lives and peoples.

I as a Jewish man would trust my family’s lives with these men in threatening social & political hypothetical situations.  

Dr. Barrett & Prof. Hall are the kind of men that don’t just sit there, like many of us have been debilitatingly conditioned to, when people are assaulted or raped. They are the kind of humans that act in their own spheres of influence to defend humanity in all its diversity against aggression.

They have been targeted not because of specious charges of their “anti-semitism.” No, that has been used as a talking point tool to attack them because they are willing and able to critically analyze & speak about aspects of political Zionism & the networks of Judeo-centric power that reinforce it. 

Meanwhile, the physical & legal dangers to me as a Jewish American of conscience & our commonly understood rights and values of speech, press & assembly at a public event at a public library have come from Israeli-trained security & police being paid by an Israeli-partisan & institutional financial supporter of Israeli war-making.

The threats to me & my Jewishness (aligned w/ the Prophetic tradition & notions of Jewish Enlightenment maskilim & Haskalahki) comes largely & significantly from networks of Zionist power here in the United States.

I was targeted for search (i.e. a discriminatory checkpoint to enter a public event at a public library) &, ultimately, for assault & arrest in an American library by elements of the US security state trained in Israel for my activities of public speech & press resonant with the subjects of the Deep State panels you’ve currently rejected.  It even looks likely that biometric technology developed by Israel military intelligence currently in use at Palestinian checkpoints was applied to attendees of a public event about “Truman & Israel” at an American public library.

 These forces of authoritarianism, political surveillance, & the potentially violent policing of critical speech & press, are the kinds of powers that the Left Forum aligns itself with in rejecting these panels.

The libraries are under increasing pressure to censor their programming & materials. The academies are under escalating assault against scholars & students of conscience.  And the activist groups are under increasing threat of thought policing.

Do we now have to add the Left Forum, probably the most important gathering of leftist individuals & discussion in the world, to the list of spaces & institutions apparently occupied by aggressive thought police dedicated to the mental Gazafication of spaces that should logically welcome diverse & emancipatory epistemogies?

Or, will you reconsider replacing checkpoints used against those representing ethical resistance to the most powerful racist, anti-Muslim & ultimately anti-Semitic deceptions of our age with bridges to controversial but ultimately crucial analyses necessary for our political, maybe literal, survival?

Please do what’s right & re-instate all “Deep State Panels” and let the people at the Left Forum hear perspectives that resonate with the Arab & Muslim street, legitimate alternative press & scholarship and with the best of the Left tradition.

And please let me know what you intend to do.

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel

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  1. Shows you that Islamophobia is as American as mom and apple pie. (By the way, what happened to the old websites? I don't like trying to google your websites now.)

  2. Anonymous

    Jeremy Rothe-Kushel for president (On the Green Party ticket), If Jill Stein doesn't want to run again.

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