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Prof. Anthony Hall on anti-free-speech witch hunts (including FFWN defunding); Randy Short live from DC on Trump

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First hour: Tenured Professor Anthony Hall of the University of Lethbridge was suspended after a false flag operation in which a horrific, hateful, genocidal image was planted on his Facebook page without his knowledge. Major Canadian media libeled Professor Hall by promoting the impression that he was responsible for the image.
     Investigators have now determined that the image was created by Joshua Goldberg, a Jewish-Zionist false flag terrorist and provocateur. But who was Goldberg working for? New evidence has emerged…listen to the show for details. (And scroll down for images discussed during this hour.)
     We will also discuss today’s “financial nuking” of False Flag Weekly News.

Randy Short

Second hour: Washington, DC based political analyst Randy Short recently told me on Skype chat:

“Trump’s reveals, not at all surprising, are very telling. Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Syria all at once…not to mention North Korea? The good news is that the most blinded and reactionary people who comprise his base are getting it. He had to win so that those that worship the reactionary faux populism will be angered and open their eyes.”

So where’s the real populism? Is the revolution on the way? Will it arrive before World War III?

* * * Images referred to in the first hour:

Goldberg has infiltrated numerous groups, posing as a Nazi, an ISIS jihadi, and even a “genocidal Zionist” –
and everything he does serves the interests of the Likudniks and smears their enemies

Professional “anti-Semite” Andrew Anglin hired Joshua Goldberg; now he’s being sued by a Jewish woman (subject of NY Times story)

The “anti-Semitic threats” and “cemetery vandalism” turned out to be a false flag hoax, as Trump suggested…but it was used to burn hundreds of books that Jewish Zionists don’t like…and despite the emergence of the truth, the books have not been unburned.

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