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Andre Vltchek: Insane West is destroying the world – its people too dumbed-down to notice

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Globetrotting dissident author and filmmaker Andre Vltchek writes:

“The West has brought the world to the brink of total collapse, but its citizens, even its intellectuals, are stubbornly refusing to grasp the urgency. Like ostriches, many are hiding their heads in the sand. Others are behaving like a surgeon who opts for treating a small cut on a finger of his patient who is actually dying from a terrible gunshot wound…For years I have been arguing that destroying the ability to compare and to see things from the universal perspective has been one of the most successful endeavors of the Western indoctrination drive (dispersed through education, media/disinformation and ‘culture’).”

Andre, who has spent considerable time in North Korea, also informs us that the people there strike him as far more human than those he encounters in Western capitals. See:

Trump, in North Korea You will be Murdering Human Beings!

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