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Barbara Honegger: Trump going down, unlikely to finish first term

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White House advisor Barbara Honegger

Barbara Honegger says the Jeff Sessions “lied to Congress” scandal may be the beginning of the end for the Trump Administration. It isn’t that Barbara is unhappy that Trump’s people may have colluded with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton; in fact, she is actually glad Clinton lost. Nor are the Russians the bad guys — Barbara admits that it’s the US and NATO, goaded on by the neocon-Zionist psychos, who are the main aggressors. But, she says, the law is the law, perjury is perjury, and subverting an election is illegal, even when done with good intentions.

Barbara Honegger is one of our best-qualified voices on this topic, having broken the October Surprise story detailing how a previous Republican campaign — the Reagan-Bush campaign in 1980 — colluded with elements of the Iranian government to throw the election their way.

Barbara suggests you check out these links:

“Trump owned by Russia” dossier compiled by former MI6 Russia chief Christopher Steele

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Law review article on Gravel v. U.S. and its relevance to 9/11 Truth by the Mick Harrision, Director of Litigation for the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Truth

Barbara Honegger, MS is a retired Senior Military Affairs Journalist at the Naval Postgraduate School, the Department of Defense’s advanced science, technology and national security affairs university. She is a graduate of the Naval War College master’s program in National Security Decision Making (2001), and a former White House Policy Analyst and Special Assistant to the Assistant to President Ronald Reagan (1981 – 1983).
Barbara is former Director of the Attorney General’s Anti-Discrimination Law Review, U.S. Department of Justice (1982 – 1983). She is the author of the pioneering Irangate expose October Surprise (1989) and of the chapter “The Pentagon Attack Papers” included in The Terror Conspiracy: Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty by Jim Marrs (2006). She is also author of The Scarlet A: Links between the Anthrax Attacks and 9/11. The video of her presentation 9/11 Pentagon Attack: Behind the Smoke Curtain is a major contribution to 9/11 research.

3 Thoughts to “Barbara Honegger: Trump going down, unlikely to finish first term”

  1. Anonymous

    There's no question in my mind that there were FISA Court
    warrants to tap Trump's and his top aide's as well as the
    Russian Ambassador, Putin and top Russian officials during
    the Campaign and after, which is now pouring out. The
    important fact is that in order for the FISA Court to approve
    the warrant there had to have already been credible evidence
    in writing in the application that Trump et al. was in fact
    colluding with the Russians …

    Trump Says Obama Tapped His Phones

    New York Times

    March 5, 2017
    Page A1

    " … Roger Stone, a longtime Republican operative who said he was in touch with WikiLeaks at one point before it released a trove of emails from John D. Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, last August. Stone later said he had communicated with WikiLeaks through an intermediary …

  2. Anonymous

    Howdy Kevin,

    Two reasons to type away this fine morning. For the life of me I cannot recall the family name of the UK guy who interviewed you or vice versa on noliesradio. His first name was Ronnie. I'll try to jog you: you two briefly discussed Fetzer's support for Trump, and the fact it was crumbling, and Ronnie replied that he was looking fwd to a blog chat w JF in the near future. Does that ring the bells?
    Second reason: I confess to having a bit of an obsession with the Crimea. Why? Cause yours truly is deeply and sanely interested in the Byzantine, aka Eastern Roman Empire. So, whenever I hear the word Crimea I perk up.

    Your nolies blog chat w Barbara Honegger last week was a pleasure. Barbara has my utmost respect. As for Russia's re-annexation of Crimea, by all means let's make this as tight, even sound bytey, as possible.

    "The oblast of Crimea was ceded administratively to the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine only in 1954, at the behest of a Ukrainian, namely Nikita Khrushev, then head of the Politburo!"

    On one level, this was a nepotesque case of a Ukrainian bestowing largesse upon Ukraine. The people of Crimea are a fascinating mix of peoples indeed, but by no stretch are they majority Ukrainian, genetically, linguistically, culturally, gastronomically, or anything else. What's more the Russian Black Sea fleet, formerly the USSR's, is based in Crimea, mostly at Sebastopol (which by the way started out as the Greek colony of Chersonesos @450 BC!).

    So when the likes of Geo Soros and Victoria Nuland try to foment the phoniest of anti-Russia movements in Ukraine and blood is shed, etc., Russia then is only using common sense in re-annexing Crimea after a sixty year hiatus. You'd think the likes of Soros, John Kerry, Obama et. al., not to mention Joe Sixpack, had never heard of the Russian-Ottoman War over Crimea 1778-1783 nor the "Eastern War" 1853-56, to use the Russian moniker. (We are taught about this as the Crimean War: Russia vs. Britain, France, and Ottomans*.) Point being, one helluva lot of Russian blood has been spilled in the Crimea, much more than, say, American blood spilled in Texas. Ukraine has no claim other than "Nicky gave it to us so we get it as a freebie forever" Hah! No more USSR= no more admin. jerrymandering deals. Keep Crimea by our leave, and on your own good behavior. The Thai people have a great expression which applies well here: Som nam na (Serves you right!)

    * think Charge of the Light Brigade, Florence Nightengale, balaclavas!

    There happens to be a hidden agenda as well. It's the Khazar Empire, which usu. sided with Byzantium but was finally destroyed in the year 1016 by a pincer operation twixt Kievan Rus' army (Kiev used to be a Khazar outpost) and Byzantine navy at Kerch, in Crimea (the Khazars' last holdout). The Khazar Empire waxed from approx. AD 650 till 1016, capital of Itil, located at the mouth of the Volga. Get this: the Caspian Sea was nicknamed the Khazarian Sea, the portage between the Volga and the Don rivers was known as 'the Khazarian Way, and last but not least, Crimea was nicknamed "Little Khazaria".
    Now here comes the oliphant crashing thru the living room: In the mid-700s the Khazars, or at least the Khazar elite, converted to Judaism! So into Zionist mode we go for a moment– natch the likes of Soros and Nuland have a jones for Crimea… it's another Jewish homeland!

  3. The “Brit” you’re referring to may actually be an Irishman, Richie Allen. Just google him, his show gets lots of views.

    Good points on Crimea. Looks like the Khazars (Nuland, etc.) want it back. Good luck with that.

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