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Alice Rothschild on “Condition Critical: Life and Death in Israel/Palestine”

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Alice Rothschild

Alice Rothschild joins us to discuss her new book Condition Critical: Life and Death in Israel/Palestine. In it she describes three recent visits to the Zionist occupation zones, and squarely faces up to the multi-faceted Zionist attempt to erase/remove Palestinians and their culture and history from the land of Palestine.

“Alice Rothchild is an obstetrician-gynecologist who has worked in the health care reform and women’s movements for many years. Since 1997, she has focused much of her energy on understanding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict…When not obsessing about the many social injustices at home and abroad, Alice enjoys walking, swimming, making music, writing poetry, gardening, cooking, and the love of friends and family.”

4 Thoughts to “Alice Rothschild on “Condition Critical: Life and Death in Israel/Palestine””

  1. Given her last name, I would have liked to have known if Alice(or for that matter anyone with the last name of Rothschild) is indeed related to the notorious trillionaire family. Not that she is to be castigated (of course not) because she's obviously doing such important work, but still. Anyone with Rothschild as their last name IMO has a duty to come clean and self identify.

    (I apologize if this issue was addressed, but I somehow missed it._

  2. I thought it was interesting how Ms. Rothschild kept saying she didn't know any of the deep history of her jewish roots and can you please Kevin just got back to what she was invited on the show to speak about (i.e., her work with palestinians).

    On the one hand, she is correct. It's sort of a bait and switch to bring her in on the subject of her book and then start grilling her on information she truthfully didn't seem to know about.

    On the other hand, though, I would have liked to have seen her take a little more responsibility for the historical issues at large. As noble and difficult as her work in the mideast is, it's a form of cop-out to dissassociate yourself from your people's history and not be willing to more proactively consider that the contemporary work she's involved with now is very directly related to the entire history of the jewish people. And that as an important part of social change, it would behoove her to understand the big picture and not compartmentalize herself to one corner of contemporary history's struggle.

    Granted, she wasn't prepared. But I would have liked to have seen her ponder out loud that the large philosophical identity issues such as the ones Gilad Atzmon has written about just might be very relevant to her work. That maybe more than saying something like, "I don't know about all that," she could have said as well "But I'm getting the picture that perhaps I should look into those issues. Thank you for pointing out that they may be deeply connected to my activist work and not just idle armchair musings."

    Instead, she dutifully requested the interview return to her mission at hand, with seemingly no more resolve to peruse or integrate any deep historical understandings. It brought to mind Chomsky's bottom line on the JFK assassination, as in "What does it matter?"

    I hope Alice Rothschild will take time to see beyond her important work and understand how she can give it much greater meaning beyond bandaids.

  3. Instead of writing a lengthy comment, 2 words say it all : Noam Chomsky.

    As for feminism, another 2 words : NO MA'AM (

  4. Anonymous

    kevin, I heard your show with the Jewish doctor woman today. it was a really good show, although I sort of cringed a few times 1. when you asked about 911
    2. when you talked about "satanic zionism".

    there was a third time, when she asked "can we get back to my book & palestine?" lol.

    I give her a lot of credit & wouldn't expect the average person to hold, or even to he be willing to entertain a lot of the beliefs/ conclusions we hold. i think you should put the interview on YouTube. she said a lot of good things.

    also i listened to the show with makow. I liked both the guys in that first hour, they were very good.

    makow seemed very awkward & grumpy. doesn't seem to have good social skills . also I follow him on twitter & during this whole election he'd go back & forth from saying trump is a Masonic illuminate plant to a rebel anti establishment hero. I guess ambivalent is inadequate to describe his position.

    I once saw him on a rerun of "to tell the truth" as a little boy. it was really weird , and cool, to randomly catch that .

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