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Why are Max Blumenthal and Alex Jones shilling for the 9/11 perps?

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First 20 minutes: Greg McCarron was horrified when he saw “famous anti-Zionist Jew” Max Blumenthal essentially propagandizing for genocide on RT. See: 9/11 mastermind’s letter to Obama contains ‘rational motives’ – journalist

By reinforcing the ludicrous official 9/11 narrative, and blaming torture victim and brainwashing victim Khalid Sheikh Mohammed for a crime he couldn’t possibly have committed, Blumenthal has arguably committed some very serious crimes against humanity: Complicity in torture; misprision of treason; obstruction of justice in a case of almost 3,000 capital murders; and propaganda for genocide. Whether Blumenthal is doing this consciously on behalf of the 9/11 perpetrators who tortured Khalid Sheikh Mohammed into false confessions, or unconsciously for psychological reasons, is a matter to be decided in war crimes trials. And whoever has been blocking 9/11 truth at RT since the apparent murder of RT founder Michael Lesin ought to be sharing the docket with Blumenthal and the rest of the genocide-propaganda and torture-apologist perps.

Final 40 minutes: Richie Allen interviews Kevin Barrett on the sad decline of the formerly alternative media — including ex-9/11-truthers like Alex Jones who are now promoting the anti-Muslim genocide that was the whole purpose of 9/11.

4 Thoughts to “Why are Max Blumenthal and Alex Jones shilling for the 9/11 perps?”

  1. Remember, Blumenthal went after Gilad Atzmon, because Atzmon is too honest for comfort.

  2. Anonymous

    I think the king of "scary moozlems booga booga!" fear mongering agitprop right now, is Rense. Not only interjected into every hour of every show, but check his homepage: not one, but TWO groupings of 'headlines' singing this same tune. ZZZZZZ 🙁

    Rense plainly "got the message" from his 2 engineered car crashes in 2015…

  3. eh beng… on est pas sorti de l'auberge les amis… mais l'argent fait le bonheur de ces faux dissidents un peu partout sur la planete, Kevin t'as la video de la conference a la NOI.

  4. Anonymous

    dude; it doesnt matter what the truth is- what matters is what people believe.
    if i had to choice to live in poverty in rural wisconsin for the truth or
    run a cutting edge media outlet with a scope of tens of millions or more per week while raking
    in the cash, what do you think im gonna choose? BTW: all the worlds major religions
    were created by the elders to control people. you do know this, right?

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