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Arguing with Brandon Martinez on Trump, immigration

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Brandon Martinez

Brandon Martinez, contributor to ANOTHER French False Flag, is one of the best minds in alternative journalism. But that doesn’t mean I always have to agree with him. In this episode, Brandon argues that the North America and Europe are under assault by an influx of immigrants and refugees, and need to tighten their border controls in order to preserve their white, Christian identity.

I don’t buy any of that. Where to begin? First, “white” is not a deep historical identity. “Whiteness” was constructed in the 19th century as an excuse to persecute “non-whites.”

Second: The “immigrant crisis” hysteria about alleged brown-skinned criminal hordes overrunning Europe is RACIST BULLSHIT.  Hundreds of millions of dollars in propaganda money has produced this bogus perception of a crisis, which is fed by hysterical lies — exactly like the hysterical lies about black rapists in America circa the 1920s that led to the lynching epidemic. Sure, rapes sometimes happen. But mass hysteria also happens. Here is a recent story that sums up the entire situation: Mass sexual assaults by refugees in Frankfurt ‘completely made up’. These are just two who got caught, out of the hundreds or thousands of hysterical liars and second-hand-rumor-mongers who get away with it. It’s exactly like the “lynching” stories of old. People spreading this hysteria are committing one of the worst crimes against humanity, propaganda for genocide. (Many are presumably getting paid by the Islamophobia industry to do so.)

Third: To the extent that impoverished immigrants in Europe live in ghettos with high crime rates (like all ghettos) this has nothing to do with religion. If anything, religion is the SOLUTION to this problem, since all evidence indicates that pious practicing Muslims (and perhaps religious folk in general) commit vastly fewer crimes than non-religious folk. See Javed Jamil’s research. So European governments should build mosques and churches and encourage piety.

Fourth: Islam is just Christianity correctly understood. Issues of theological correctness aside, “Muslims” are just another group of universal monotheists, like “Catholics” and “Eastern Orthodox Christians” and “Methodists” and “Mormons” and “Unitarians” and “Pentacostalists.” Pick a random Unitarian, a random Pentacostalist, and a random Muslim, examine their beliefs and practices, and you will find there is probably at least as much difference between the two “Christians” as between the “Muslim” and either “Christian.”  Or: Take a sub-Saharan African (or Korean) Christian and a Syrian Muslim, put them both in Europe, and see who fits into European culture better. (Probably the Muslim.) So why don’t people realize this? Because their subconscious, emotion-driven minds have been infected with the Islamophobia virus by 9/11 and its follow-up false flags.

Fifth: Europe desperately needs immigrants due to its collapsing birth rate. Its economy is going to hit armageddon in a few years unless there are enough young workers to support a population top-heavy with elderly people drawing social security.

Sixth: The percentage of “darker-skinned/Muslim” immigrants in Europe is minuscule. As of 2010, the most recent year for which I can find Europe-wide data, only 6% of the people living in the EU had been born elsewhere, and of those, many were from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, etc. etc. This is hardly a “replacement of the population” by dark-skinned hordes. On the contrary, it is not even close to enough to pay the social security of the next generation of retirees!

Seventh: The real problem of “European immigration” is not non-Europeans entering Europe, but the other way around. Europeans are migrating and invading all over the world and degrading things everywhere they go, as explained in Andre Vltchek’s article Stop Millions of Western Immigrants! which explains: “Tens of millions of European and North American immigrants, legal and illegal, have been flooding both the cities and countryside in Asia, Latin America, and even Africa…”

Eighth: The recent refugee crisis involving MENA countries was 100% caused by the West and its criminal wars of aggression against those countries. The West owes massive reparations to the entire population of MENA. People who want to “lock them out” while taking no responsibility for their own war crimes are the scum of the earth.

So Brandon is seriously wrong on this issue. But he’s a smart guy, a great writer and speaker, and a basically reasonable person. (Plus, he is at least partly right about Soros.) So listen to what he has to say, and make up your mind about who’s right.

13 Thoughts to “Arguing with Brandon Martinez on Trump, immigration”

  1. It is disappointing to see Martinez fall for one of the favorite social control trick that the ruling class uses. When I noticed his YouTube uploads and the hostile titles he uses against people intentionally pushed to become desperate, I first thought his account has been hacked.

    Ordinary stupid people (the majority nowadays) have enough room in their heart to hate a fellow man trying to survive, but never any room to hate the devils spreading fear, pain, destruction and death all over the planet, so that they might finally do something about it. Cowards and hypocrites are the words that come to mind.

    As a side note, should Martinez spend some time in Europe, he will be very often mistaken for an A-rab. I noticed a while ago that some Hispanics with an unacknowledged inferiority complex, always try to be more "white" than "the whites".

    Those living in the countries where pain and destruction are manufactured then exported oversees, have absolutely no right to complain about the people on whom they are inflicted.

    George Carlin :

  2. No, you're seriously wrong on this issue:

    First: Semantic pedantics. 'White' may be an inaccurate term, and I don't like it, but it has come to be one which all people understand and which refers to people of purely European origin as a collective.

    Second: Yes, there is an Islamophobia industry and bias to the western press, and it is fomented by Jews and Christian zionists. Yes, stories are made up. But you cannot tell someone like me – who has seen the racial transformation of towns I grew up near transform drastically – that it is all an illusion. False Islamic terror attacks and social disorder are only plausible to the native mind when there are plenty of immigrants from Muslim nations present.

    Third: I'm not sure Brendan was arguing specifically against Islamic immigration, but rather against all immigration by non-Europeans. I won't dispute that Muslim Arabs are better people than Atheist Arabs. We still don't want Europe altered beyond all recognition – something that can only happen irreversibly by ethnic mixture or displacement – not religious alteration.

    Fourth: Christianity only survived in Europe because it adopted Pagan facets. Christian Europeans are fooling themselves, true – Europe is Pagan at heart – but Christianity has shown itself willing to adapt to the European mindset more than Islam promises to.

    Fifth: Europe is overcrowded. The economy doesn't matter. Blood and culture matter. Europe's declining birthrate is not innate but a result of decades of Jewish psychological warfare which has deliberately brought about circumstances where Europeans are unable or unwilling to procreate sufficiently. Feminism, property costs, nihilism, pornography and the promise of cultural and racial displacement create a subconcious mindset whereby Europeans are instinctively pessimistic. We have a different mentality from, for example, Africans. We don't just birth as many kids as possible and hope for the best; we think ahead.

    Sixth: So what if only 6% of Europeans were born elsewhere? This ignores the several generations of non-Europeans born in Europe. Whole cities in England are majority non-English, and some even non-European. The rate of change is unprecedented and needs to be seen through the lens of a deep-seated Jewish agenda to genocide European man (and to control Islam).

    Seventh: Latin America was largely a European civilisation. Europe is a small continent with a small percentage of the world's population (particularly among the 'whites') I guarantee the rate of 'white' to non-European migration is far less than the opposite.

    Eighth: Again, you ignore the Jewish-Zionist hand in this – something which, as a Muslim, you should be well-versed in. Europeans did not start the wars, and most Europeans do not support them. We are a gullible collective of ethnic groups, but not a mean-spirited one.

  3. WTF is "purely European orgin"? WTF is "Europe"? Eurasia is ONE continent!!!! And the Med is just a lake that's easy to hop across and has been for millennia. Italians and Spaniards and southern French are genetically and culturally much closer to Algerians and Moroccans than either are to Swedes; though my Moroccan wife does have native Moroccan-Scandinavian blood from 1000 years ago, her father and brother are blond with blue eyes, making her far more Northern European than most Spaniards or Italians. Everybody across Eurasia and North Africa (and to some extent sub-Saharan Africa) is mongrel and related to everybody else. The far-East-Asians are a little bit different, and the native Australians and Pacific Islanders are the most different. So what?

    19th century racism-ethnocentrism was debunked long ago, why are so many otherwise seemingly literate people bringing it back?

  4. I used 'purely' in a pragmatic sense – meaning that 100% racial purity is non-existent. However, 98% may well be, and certainly – in Europe at least – there is a high enough level of purity to designate one group from another, genetically. Whilst it is still possible to demarcate one ethnic or racial group from another – which it undoubtedly is, both scientifically and perceivably – the preservation of those groups is not only justifiable but ethically imperative.

    I'm also not talking about 'whites' as a collective, other than in addressing your attacks on 'whites' as a collective. I'm interested in *ethnic* preservation, meaning that Italy should remaing ethnically Italian and Sweden ethnically Swedish. Your apologism for mass-immigration threatens ethnicities as much as it threatens the collective race.

    But putting that aside for a moment, I'd be interested in your evidence that "Italians and Spaniards and southern French are genetically and culturally much closer to Algerians and Moroccans than either are to Swedes."

    Furthermore, phenotype does not define ancestry, and ethnicity is based upon ancestry. I have dark hair and hazel eyes, but I am ancestrally 100% Germanic going back as far as I can trace – at least 5 generations on all branches of my family tree. That does not make your Moroccan wife more northern European than me.

  5. Evidence: Go there, spend some time, and look around!

    When I lived in Paris, I hung out with "Parisians" who were children of immigrants. One group was Greek. Another Portuguese. Another Polish (like that quintessential Parisian Chopin). Another North African. Another Cameroonian. All of the above were equally "Parisian" in their personalities, culture, and outlook. I also hung out with a bunch of young guys from the South of France. They were by far the least Parisian of anybody! You could hardly understand their "French." So as the great "pro-Nazi" writer Celine says at the beginning of Journey to the End of the Night, published in 1932, Europe in general, and France and especially Paris in particular, is populated by mongrels from all corners of the earth, and pretty much always has been

  6. "Europeans did not start the wars, and most Europeans do not support them. We are a gullible collective of ethnic groups, but not a mean-spirited one."

    Fine and I have nothing to say against that whatsoever. But until Europeans – and their off shoot countries – haven't mastered enough courage to get rid of their greedy bloodthirsty masters – Jewish, christian or otherwise – to whom they are providing a safe heaven to plot and launch destruction upon the world, they have no right to complain about people displaced and trying to escape that destruction.

    Immigrants would rather stay where they were born, enjoying their good food, great spices, good music, warm sun (chemtrail-free, unlike Europe), slow life pace…etc, if not for the bullshit dumped on them 24/7 by "whites". When it is not bombs, it is political coup and economic manipulation, TV propaganda about how great is western "civilization" because they have satellites, atomic bombs and pharmaceutical industry, TV propaganda about how their women ought to think and behave …and on and on… NON-STOP. That propaganda is as much destructive as the bombs if not more, for it affects the mind and the soul.

    A few months ago I came across a family from Belgium (Flemish). While chit-chatting, I asked the father if they had problems with their north-African immigrants. He spontaneously replied 'No' but they rather had PBs with their eastern European immigrants who commit crimes. He pointed out that they experienced a house burglary by polish immigrants and that they were pleased with their Moroccan house keeper (maybe she is the mastermind, she gave the key to the polish thieves !!!. LOL).

    Two week-ends ago, an Irish tourist reported that the economy is doing much better now in Ireland, thanks to construction of houses and the high demand in goods and services that immigrants are generating.

    The other day, somebody dumped a little bit of wisdom on me. He said there are only 2 races of people : good people and bad people. I don't expect everyone to understand that kind of wisdom, especially those hung up on "race" in general and "whiteness" in particular.

    "Some rich men came and raped the land, nobody caught 'em,
    Put up a bunch of ugly boxes and Jesus people bought 'em……
    They even brought a neon sign 'Jesus is Coming',
    Brought the white man's burden down, brought the white man's reign…" – The Eagles ('The Last Resort')

  7. Which countries host most of the world's refugees?

    The London-based group said 56 percent of the world's 21 million refugees are being hosted by just 10 countries – all in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

    Top refugee hosting countries
    1. Jordan (2.7 million+)
    2. Turkey (2.5 million+)
    3. Pakistan (1.6 million)
    4. Lebanon (1.5 million+)
    5. Iran (979,400)
    6. Ethiopia (736,100)
    7. Kenya (553,900)
    8. Uganda (477,200)
    9. Democratic Republic of Congo (383,100)
    10. Chad (369,500)

    Jordan, which has taken in more than 2.7 million people, was named as t he top refugee hosting country,
    followed by Turkey, over 2.5 million; Pakistan, 1.6 million; and Lebanon, more than 1.5 million.

    The other top six nations were Iran, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Chad.

    "A small number of countries have been left to do far too much just because they are neighbours to a crisis," said Salil Shetty, Amnesty's secretary general.

  8. I've been to Italy, Spain and France – several places at several times. Never once have I seen indigenous stock culturally more similar to North Africans. Southern Europeans might generally have a darker phenotype than Swedes, but given the dominant nature of pigment, this does not in any prove greater genetic affiliation.

    You're quoting one writer's opinion. But the crux of the matter is this: Do there exist in France, Germany, England, Sweden or Poland a population of people whose ancestry lies predominantly in that land stretching back to the mists of time? There does. Forget absolute purity. We're talking about ethnic identity – something which merely requires a dominance of factors in order to be emphatic and deserving of protection.

  9. Three points:

    1) The Western propaganda being pushed upon Muslims, causing them to leave their homes, is comparable to the Jewish propaganda being pushed upon Europeans, causing (some of) us to fight Zionist wars and to then welcome masses of immigrants. See how it works? Honest people (Europeans and Muslims) have a weakness: gullibility.

    2) Only a minority of Europeans support the ongoing wars in the Middle East. Don't pretend that the whole of Europe is displacing the Middle East.

    3) Your Belgian friend, Irish friend, and 'wise' friend are not preservationists, and neither are you. The preservation of a racial or ethnic group is not dependent upon the worth of its challengers. What I mean by that is that it doesn't matter how good, nice or beneficial the replacement population are, they're still replacing the indigenous. And if you support global diversity, and oppose genocide, then you have to understand why this is bad.

    But if you only view the human race in terms of its religious affiliation (with no care for its biological or cultural diversity) then you will never understand the importance of this. Kevin, as a European who betrayed his ancestral heritage will never be able to accept the importance of ancestry in forming one's identity.

  10. Hey, I celebrate my IRISH ancestry, especially its long, heroic anti-colonial struggle against the Brits-and-banksters, who are "white" and "European." We real Irishmen are much closer to Palestinians than to "whites" (?!?!?) and "Europeans" (an equally stupid category). And if God hadn't given us whiskey we would have already overthrown the Empire and taken over the world ; – )

  11. They are neighbouring and they are culturally and racially similar, therefore they should bear most of the burden. If we want refugees to be able to retain their culture and return home easily when it is safe, why wouldn't we wish them to be hosted by nearby, similar cultures?

    PS: When are you going to publish my other replies to the above discussion?

  12. Thanks Kevin for the links you provided above. They are VERY telling.

    "Europeans are migrating and invading all over the world and degrading things everywhere they go."

    If one – with very limited experience in life and limited observational skills – reads the linked Andre Vitchek's article, one might just dismiss it as an article written by somebody who hates westerners. Unfortunately, I can attest to its veracity, based on my own experiences and observations : it is right on the target.

    Without going into a long list of anecdotes, I will mention that when I was growing up in Morocco, my then best friend's family had a modest hotel in the old part of town (Medina). One common occurrence was that western tourists very often made sure to leave their pornographic magazines behind when checking out. It was as if they purposely wanted to infect the minds of the locals with the poison of pornography; enjoying the weather, the good cheap food, the hospitality…etc was not enough deterrent for them. Soubhanallah !!.

    Not long ago, I read online that a western woman who had bought a house in the old Medina, started to complain to the authorities about the Muezzin calling for the Fajr prayer at the nearby mosque, and wanted to buy the mosque to stop her disturbance.

    I won't even mention that acquaintance of mine who got cancer at 20 yo because of a medication prohibited in Europe but dumped onto Morocco, or my friend's sister turned into a zombie because of prozac and mind altering medications made in Europe….and on and on…

    How about the countless beautiful wildlife exterminated by westerners who like to kill for fun, such as 'The Atlas Lion' (Barbary Lion) ?. Even to this day, westerners with $100,000 to spend, go to Africa to kill defenseless lions for fun.

    Of course I am not pointing the finger at everyone who is of European descent. There are beautiful people of European origin and I see them as a blessing from Allah when allowed to bask in their positive energy. But the point is : European/western chauvism, the world had enough of its bitter taste.

  13. And the hideous treatment of animals by Muslims? How about Muslims that come to the West, set up Mosques and disturb the natives with their foreign 'call to prayer'? How about the common practice among Muslim families of buying adjacent houses, combining them, concreting over the front and back gardens to accommodate their many gas-guzzling vehicles? How about the litter that predominates particularly in areas inhabited by Middle-Easterners?

    As for harmful western drugs… again, you Muslims seem to lack an understanding of the secret Jewish occupation the west has been under for centuries. We are not 'ourselves' – our natural ways, values and instincts have been perverted by decades, or centuries of Jewish materialist, capitalist thinking. Many of the large pharmaceutical companies are ultimately Jewish. The only reason so many Muslims have even been able to settle in the west is because of Jewish policy.

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