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Ex-freemason Dr. Omar Zaid on the NWO and trinity conspiracies; Elizabeth Woodworth on her book with David Ray Griffin, “Unprecedented Climate Mobilization”

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Omar Zaid (right) with Shaykh Imran Hosein

First hour: Dr. Omar Zaid, MD is an expert on Occult Symbolism, having been a member of the Freemasonic movement himself for many years. He has since reverted to Islam and authored several books, including The Time of Turning;   Cain’s Creed: The Cult(s) of Rome;   Forgotten Saints: The Gospel of Barabas;  The Hand of Iblis, an Anatomy of Evil; and Trinity, the Metamorphosis of a Myth. He teaches at UNITAR International University in Malaysia.

Elizabeth Woodworth has traveled widely to promote Unprecedented

Second hour: Elizabeth Woodworth is co-founder and coordinator at Consensus 9/11: The 9/11 Best Evidence Panel which uses a rigorous scientific consensus model derived from medical research to discover and highlight the strongest evidence about what really happened on September 11th, 2001. In this interview we discuss David Ray Griffin’s book Unprecedented and the follow-up co-authored by Woodworth and Griffin,  Unprecedented Climate Mobilization, which Elizabeth recently discussed at the UN COP22 Climate Summit in Marrakesh, Morocco.

8 Thoughts to “Ex-freemason Dr. Omar Zaid on the NWO and trinity conspiracies; Elizabeth Woodworth on her book with David Ray Griffin, “Unprecedented Climate Mobilization””

  1. Anonymous

    Specifically I have been addressing the mystery of United Flight 93. Some accounts say all bodies were identified, others say there were no human remains found. Some say airplane parts were found, including an engine and flight recorders. Others say what little existed could have been planted. But if they were planted, why didn't they grow into airplane trees?
    This is why I years ago gave up on finding the truth about 911. The evidence is so messed up it is impossible to arrive at a conclusion. But it is certainly apparent that the crashes of 911, for some reason, produced far less wreckage than most airplane crashes. And by the protocols of air crash investigation, less wreckage means less evidence. Let the jury decide.
    I will soon be travelling to Pranksville, Pennsylvania, to engage in some skullduggery of my own. And incidentally, I hear the wreckage of Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra, with two skeletons inside, has been located at the bottom of George Bush's swimming pool at his Texas ranch.
    Let all truth be lies, or however the Orwellian dictum goes. We might as well masturbate while standing on our heads. Everything we hear is That Which Is Not So.
    I for one, motion that you take the whole world and stick it you know where.

    Lou Natick

  2. Had Flight 93 actually buried itself in the soft ground and its wreckage then been excavated, the excavation process would have been historic and abundantly documented in photos and videos which would have been endlessly replayed on mainstream media. Yet not a single photo exists, much less a single frame of video, documenting any such excavation process, nor have any of the alleged (unidentified) excavators ever testified anywhere or even mentioned their (ultra-historic, worth millions in book and film rights) activities. Ergo there was no such excavation. Ergo the whole story of 9/11 is a preposterous lie, and the American people are the most pathetically credulous gaggle of numbskulls ever to deface and disgrace the fair surface of this unfortunate planet.

  3. Anonymous

    ASA Kevin

    a wonderful talk with Omar Zaid- intellectually challenging based on someone who bothered to do his own research for the many answers he sought to his niggling questions and queries. this is what free thinking people should always do rather than depend blindly on what we are all indoctrinated with and programmed to accept as truth or factual but which is indeed distorted and re written history going back to ancient times. I hope Kevin you will invite Brother Omar back on your show and give him more than half an hour to talk about his personal fascinating journey which is true academic research.
    Brother Omar, you are a great asset not only to Islam -[ welcome to our deen,] but also to Humanity

    The stuff he talked about the crescent moon being a pagan symbol I actually read about in an article about 3 weeks ago but I dismissed because it made me feel uncomfortable as it associated what I always believed was an Islamic symbol but turns it to actually be pagan in origin and who better to make it 'Islamic' than these nasty Crypto Jews within the Ottoman Turks who I believe have done as much harm to Islam as have the Wahabis and the Masonic Muslim Brotherhood. But I guess I have to realise and come to terms with the sad fact that Islam also has been infiltrated by evil forces that have tried to corrupt it and that even more sad for me, is the fact that my 'naive' simplistic image of Muslims being noble and righteous has been shattered [by the likes of the afore mentioned Muslim Cults who have blasphemed and besmirched our religion. along with the criminal and immoral behaviours of other Muslims that I can no longer defend just because they call themselves 'Muslim'- hypocrites, deceivers.

    Guess truth be told, EVIL thrives in every faith based community- no one has a monopoly on righteousness anymore.

    I wish I could learn more and that Allah directs me only to The Truth, ensuring I ascertain everything I say or make comments about, based solely on HIS TRUTH which is very very important to me. He awakened me back in the 1990s and guided me to where I am now but still very much a novice and on a continuous learning curve. Some of what Omar spoke of in fact David Icke covered in a couple of his books but again they made me uncomfortable because he was very ANTI ALL SET RELIGIONS, anti God etc.. but it looks as though he was correct and sadly our Muslim Ullimah/Scholars have allowed this evil deviation to infiltrate what should have been a noble Deen and that we Muslims should have been THE BEST of the BELIEVERS, which today we are not.

  4. Anonymous

    The topic of the Holy Trinity again is something I once avidly listened to and read about a few years ago, I heard Zakir Naik talk about it on one of his talk shows on Peace TV and read an article about the Ancient Christians and how the true Christian scholarly priesthood actually removed the Holy Trinity from their texts. Sadly I no longer have that article but you can hear Naik here:

    Why do Christians believe in Holy Spirit,Trinity Dr Zakir Naik …
    22 Feb 2013 … Why do Christians believe in Holy Spirit,Trinity Dr Zakir Naik … Oneness Vs. Trinity Debate- David Bernard and Gene Cook – Duration: 2:00:33.
    Zakir Naik Q&A-213 | Christian scholars removed trinity from Bible …

    25 Jul 2013 … In the last 12 years (by the year 2008), Dr. Zakir Naik has delivered mo re than 1200 public talks in the U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Saudi Arabia, ..

    The Trinity Explained By Dr Zakir Naik – YouTube

    17 Apr 2012 … I think all Christian ppl believe in concept of trinity that 3 are in 1: Father, Holy Spirit and son or Jesus. But did this concept exist relay in …

    Zakir Naik on Trinity (Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit) – YouTube

    11 Jun 2013 … Zakir Naik on Trinity (Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit). Zakir Naik … A Smart Atheist or Agnostic vs Dr Zakir Naik- Really Amazing to watch-2014 …

    Anyway, I really enjoyed the discussion which is intellectually stimulating. thank you. You learn something every day!!

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin – thanks for the conversation with Omar Zaid.

    Whenever I hear philosophical/metaphysical/theological discussions among people who haven’t studied the life and teachings of Meher Baba, it sounds like blind people groping in the dark.

    Meher Baba was God in human form. If one is actually interested in understanding philosophical/metaphysical/theological subjects, ignoring His life and teachings is to be an ostrich. His “advent” brought “new wine” to humanity – including the most in-depth, unifying explanations of the journey of the soul from God and back to God that have ever been given to mankind.

    No historical speculation – no watering down and interpretation through centuries of human mis-understanding.

    Meher Baba’s book called God Speaks includes a chart that shows the correspondence between Mystical Christian, Islamic/Sufi and Vedantic terms of higher states of consciousness and the journey of the soul.

    Meher Baba’s life is the REAL “red pill” in the realm of spirituality/religion/philosophy.

    In a devotional sense, it’s fine to have and to practice your own beliefs based on religions from the past, because all sincere devotion and love for God is valid and reaches Him, no matter the level of understanding. But if you really want to understand intellectually as much as the human intellect is able to understand, then the life and teaching of Avatar Meher Baba are absolutely necessary.


  6. Here we go again with "global warming". Oh, sorry, I meant "climate change", it sounds so much more scientific and believable with the new nomenclature.

    It is so comforting to know that the upper ruling class and its parasitic army of narcissistic bureaucrats are worried and concerned about the human race and planet earth. From now on, every single sunny day when the spraying in the sky begins to block the evil Sun from reaching us, I shall get down on my knees and thank god for giving us such a caring fatherly figure that is the ruling elite and its parasitic institutions and its narcissistic bureaucrats.

    What did those house negroes. – working hard to justify their lies and protect their jobs – at the UN and the so-called "scientists", say or did about 9-11, about the experimentation of laser weapons on Iraqi civilians, about the infliction of pain suffering and terror on the middle east, about the vicious non-stop war on the working class, about the non-stop war on people's god-given immune system, and on and on…?. Apart from that, they are really honest good people : They care about penguins, the climate and the future of the human race.

    Hey, book me 3 days in Marrakesh away from the freezing cold, my mother-in-law and her daughter, and me too I'll start singing from the same song sheet as those hypocrites. Can you throw in a $200,000 yearly salary university job too ?. I'll make good price for you, I'll settle for $100,000 yearly salary and not $1. less !!!. Maybe after all, being that handsomely paid, will make being fake dishonest and a good pretender, very easy, until it is time to visit the grave.

    Happy Christmas. Merry new year.

  7. -[ welcome to OUR deen,]

    Can you show proof of ownership ?. Thanks.

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