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Debate: What REALLY Happened at the Pentagon on 9/11? Barbara Honegger vs. Wayne Coste

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In December of 2015,  Wayne Coste and Barbara Honegger debated the question of whether a large plane hit the Pentagon. They then responded to questions.

A survey was conducted of debate listeners as to who won the debate. This can be viewed here.     A total of 26 responded:  20 thought Barbara  had presented the best case, 3 thought Wayne had, and three were not sure.

For more information, watch Barbara Honegger’s “Behind the Smoke Curtain”: .
For a counter-case, see Ken Jenkins’ “The Pentagon Plane Puzzle”:

2 Thoughts to “Debate: What REALLY Happened at the Pentagon on 9/11? Barbara Honegger vs. Wayne Coste”

  1. How even handed Kevin Barrett is being when we know Ken Jenkins censored the entire chapter of "9/11: The New Pearl Harbor" by Massimo Mazucco at the 2014 9/11 Film Festival. Jenkins also kept this Barbara Honegger film "Behind the Smoke Curtain" from being shown for a whole year while the N CA 9/11 Truth Alliance allowed him to create his "Pentagon Plan Puzzle" sophistry. Some links to substantiate this.

    Vic Sadot Expelled from Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance in Quickie Vote on 6-04-15 Truth Troubadour Blog.

    Jenkins misleads by linking Pentagon plane impact theory to AE911Truth October 19, 2015 By Craig McKee in his Truth & Shadows Blog

    The Pentagon In Context – An interview with Tod Fletcher by Bonnie Faulkner. Guns & Butter Radio Show Archive on SoundCloud

    More absurd arguments on the Pentagon: ‘propaganda team’ sets its sights on Griffin 7-16-12 by Craig McKee in #TruthAndShadowsBlog”” “In Chapter 7 of David Ray Griffin’s most recent book, 9/11 Ten Years Later: When State Crimes Against Democracy Succeed, Griffin makes a strong case for no plane impact and shows how weak the positions of Chandler, Legge, Cole, and Hoffmann really are…”

  2. Thank you for this information. And yes, for a self-styled truth jihadi, I am reasonably evenhanded.

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