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Four Arrows on the showdown at Standing Rock

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Four Arrows, co-author of American Assassination: The Strange Death of Paul Wellstone, just got back from Standing Rock and has authored a brand-new article:

Is Standing Rock the Oil Industry’s Last Stand? It’s Up to Us to Make It So

In the article and in this interview, Four Arrows describes how the pipeline work has continued illegally despite a judge’s order to the contrary – not the first time that Native Americans have seen their white counterparts ignore their own laws and treaties – and how he and other protestors engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with the pipeline criminals, trying to garner proof of the illegal work.

At the end of the interview we discuss Four Arrows’ spiritual journey from his days as a young man in the US armed forces, to his activities today as a politically-engaged scholar and peaceful warrior for truth and justice.

2 Thoughts to “Four Arrows on the showdown at Standing Rock”

  1. Anonymous

    Regarding accepting Animal Life into our human Family, there are many instances in the Quran and some hadiths that speak of Humans communicating with Animals and other life forms/insects. story of David speaking to the ANTS in the Surah of that name. Or the time when Prophet Mohammed spoke with a disgruntled camel who was not being treated well by its master.

    We are also told in our Islamic Prophesy, that a time will come when we Humans will indeed converse with other living things

    I love Mother Nature and its Beauty that God created. I believe all Living things communicate with each other [like birds, cats, dogs Whales, Dolphins etc,,] When I hear birds chirping in my garden, I always like to talk to them.

    I encountered a really strange experience a couple of months ago when I was looking out of my kitchen window into the garden. A butterfly landed on the window, perched itself there for a few minutes and when I spoke to it and touched the pane, the butterfly bent one of its antenna and appeared to wave to me. It did this two-three times each time I spoke! Extraordinary.

    Of course Allah has given some people the ability to talk and communicate with Animals- like Horse whisperers, Dog Whisperers etc..

    Mother Nature in all its beauty, creativity, colour, variation and sound and sight of LIFE it generates is truly awe inspiring and sadly many people the world over take everything for granted and do not thank their blessings for the bounties God has bestowed upon us as His Custodians on Earth. We are too busy killing each other and harming His Mother Earth.

    We then have the arrogance to want to go into space, discover other planets where no doubt we would repeat the same harm to them as we have done here. We Humans are never satisfied, we just keep wanting more and more and not considering the consequences of our bottomless pit demands

    I have found, the older I am getting, the more in tune with the Tress, plants Birds I am 'SEEING, acknowledging their infinite beauty and variation. Even seeing a large RAINBOW made me feel exhilarated- we had a large DOUBLE Rainbow with all its striking colours making a SEMI CIRCLE across the sky. Its colours were stunning while it lasted..

    Even the sound of Trees swaying, sounding a lot like the sea[ reminds me of sounds I heard as a child at a beach in Beirut] or rain dropping and bouncing on the windows and streets or watching a dobbing flock of Ducks flying over my Conservatory this morning, creating a V on its side as they flew by, following their LEADER , quacking away as they flew, instinctively knowing which direction to fly for the winter!!

    Just my own personal experience communing with Mother Earth and its inhabitants. It is always the simple people, those who work with Nature who bless our world with their concerns and love for their surroundings, for the rivers, Trees, Plants, Sea from when God has given us a Bountiful of Sustenance and even healing powers.

    Again we take too much for granted and are ungrateful as we exploit Mother Nature rather than give back some of what we take and thank her for all the beauty she gives us through Allah's Divine Blessings

  2. Anonymous

    From the Eagle Watch
    October 22, 2016

    Obama Visits Standing Rock

    Things remain extremely tense at the Standing Rock camp sites on the
    Missouri River in Lakota territory where a pipeline is nearly completed.
    Several hundred water protectors and allies are in the way. The weather is
    getting colder day by day. The area is known for its cold, windy and very
    snowy winters yet the call for Warriors to come to the camp continues to
    go out.

    Imperial armies historically are known to wait for winter to attack,
    imagining that it gives them an advantage. Time will tell if anyone is
    paying attention to Standing Rock.

    It makes sense that the feds would not make a move at Standing Rock until
    after the election:
    "…it is clear that the Obama administration calculated that the
    escalating protests by Native Americans and their supporters could become
    an embarrassment in the eight weeks leading to the November 8 elections,
    and sought to postpone any confrontation until afterwards."

    "…Archambault … downplayed the significance of the Republican governor
    calling out the National Guard, saying the troops would only be used for
    traffic management and not to clear out the protest camp. At least one
    observer, however, wrote that the roadblocks set up by National Guard
    troops looked like similar outposts in Afghanistan."

    Now Archambault is inviting the "protesters" to stay at the Rez for their
    own safety. Most are not heeding his call but are bunkering down for the
    winter at the camp sites.

    And get this:

    "The tribal leadership is closely tied to the Democratic Party and the
    Obama administration, with Archambault hosting Barack and Michelle Obama
    for a visit in 2014…"

    It didn't take but a few seconds to pull up another article about that visit:

    "Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault praised Obama for his work to
    improve federal-tribal relations during his time in office. He said he was
    humbled by the visit, which he said is just one example of the sincere
    efforts being made by the Obama administration."

    Where oh where is Barack "Beneficent" Obama now when the crisis at
    Standing Rock is only getting worse? Allegations of harassment by fake
    media invading the camps and assaulting children are the latest. The anti
    Native propaganda continues apace. People are stressed out and are
    impatient for resolution. Sorry folks, you'll have to wait til after
    November 8.


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