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Historian James Hufferd on “Return to a Benevolent Military”

Whoever Obama passes the ball to will front for a US military protected heroin empire in Afghanistan. Time for a revolution – and a return to a benevolent military?

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Historian James Hufferd writes: “In my forthcoming novel, Colonel Crystal’s Parallel Universe, the main character, a retired Iraq and Afghanistan top flight commander, Air Force Colonel Alva A. Crystal, living in seclusion on a deserted stretch of the Florida Gulf Coast, dreams of and tries to promote through a series of talk radio appearances a return to an overall, downsized, strictly defensive mission for the U.S. military, leading to the re-creation of a ‘Benevolent Military.’ For committing this grave heresy against the M.I.C., he ultimately pays with his life.”

An extract from the novel, “Return to a Benevolent Military,” is going viral at Veterans Today.

In this interview we discuss the book and article, as well as the current presidential campaign and other issues…including the possibilities for a mass awakening that could make Col. Crystal’s dream a reality.

James Hufferd holds a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, has published many works of both fiction and nonfiction, and coordinates

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