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Dear John Podesta, The THREE San Bernardino terrorists WERE white! Here’s proof

These patsies were set up and executed. Witnesses described three large white paramilitaries doing the shooting.

Sent to:

Dear John Podesta,

According to one of your leaked emails, your response to the San Bernardino shooting last December was to hope the terrorist turned out to be white.

I am pleased to be – for once – the bearer of good news.

Your wish has been granted.

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Multiple eyewitness reports confirm that the actual shooters in San Bernardino were three large white paramilitaries – not the brown-skinned Muslim couple that was executed shortly afterward. (Had the couple been guilty, no effort would have been spared to take them alive, so they could be interrogated and their presumed network taken down; but instead, they were handcuffed and shot execution-style, as helicopter video and other evidence shows.)

You can find the eyewitness reports using a search engine. But to make things really easy for you, I have documented the evidence in a crossover scholarly book entitled ANOTHER French False Flag? Bloody Tracks from Paris to San Bernardino. It is the second in my False Flag Trilogy featuring 55 leading public intellectuals asking the hard questions about recent “terror” events…including the Belle Equipe shooting in Paris, which was also – you will be happy to hear – committed by large white paramilitaries.

I am taking the liberty of sending a copy to your Georgetown Law office at:

  • 600 New Jersey Avenue N.W.
    Washington, DC 20001


Dr. Kevin Barrett, Editor
ANOTHER French False Flag? Bloody Tracks from Paris to San Bernardino

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