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Diana Johnstone and Mike Whitney: Will World War III start in Syria?

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Diana Johnstone

First half hour: Journalist, author and peace activist Diana Johnstone writes for
and Counterpunch. Her latest article, discussed in this interview, is Destroying the Government of Syria: A Joint Criminal Enterprise.

Second half hour: Mike Whitney also writes for Counterpunch and other outlets. Here we discuss his take on Syria, as expressed in his many recent articles on the subject.

Mike Whitney

2 Thoughts to “Diana Johnstone and Mike Whitney: Will World War III start in Syria?”

  1. Boy, was Diana Johnstone disappointing. Kevin pressed her at least twice about Charlie Hebdo and other false flags (since she lives in Paris), but nope, she was about as interested in false flags analysis as Noam Chomsky is in 9/11.

    Rather than say she doesn't know a thing about it, she deferred to the incompetence theory offering zero counterfacts. Amazing how much see dodged the issue as if she had a leg to stand on … which during the interview started to look like she grokked how remiss her analysis is.

    Basically she has the liberal line that the problem is the extreme ideology of disgruntled youth in Europe over what the West is doing. She can't see the origin: that false flags enable the State to rally the populace to fight wars in Syria, Libya, etc. which causes such disgruntledness.

    Kevin, great job in trying to get her to see what the real deal is. But rather than get at the root (911, false flags) Johnstone is one of those gatekeepers-by-silence, preferring the low-hanging fruit of merely analyzing the effects.

    It never ceases to amaze me how people can be so truth-strong on some issues and clueless on others. You'd think once one gets the Truth paradigm, like a tumbler lock, everything else is busted wide open. Or at least that's how it worked for me . . .

  2. Anonymous

    Professor Barret
    If you'll excuse my narrow mindedness
    Ms. Johnston is living ion here own world. She prefers to create well informed political opinions and analysis instead of examining the real facts of what is going on. Her perception of people being drawn in to 'Islamic extremism' demonstrates a purposeful ignorance of what is really happening. It is a form of newspeak to assume that anybody who resists the western invasions is an Islamic extremist? ISIS is a mercenary army fighting for money and power not religious fervour. Most if not all ^terrorist^ attacks are created or as you would say 'false flags'.

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