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US Army psy-ops expert Scott Bennett

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Guest: Scott Bennett, U.S. Army Special Operations Officer (11th Psychological Operations Battalion, Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command) and global psychological warfare-counterterrorism analyst, will join me to sell books and chat with our fellow truth-seekers at the 9/11 Film Festival this coming Thursday, September 8th in Oakland, California.

In the first hour we discuss 9/11 and the phony “war on terror”; then in the second hour we shift to some interfaith dialogue (Scott is Christian, I’m Muslim) on religious and cultural issues.

Scott Bennett is outraged that the CIA-linked Deep State is funding ISIS (“the best enemy money can buy”) and al-Qaeda. Scott was formerly with defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. He received a Direct Commission as an Officer, held a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) security clearance, and worked in the highest levels of international counterterrorism in Washington DC and MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. He has developed and managed psychological warfare theories, products, and operations for U.S. Special Operations Command, U.S. Central Command, the State Department Coordinator for Counterterrorism, and other government agencies. He served in the G.W. Bush Administration from 2003 to 2008, and was a Social Science Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Since 2010 Scott has filed numerous military-government whistle-blowing reports with Congressional Committees, including: the Intelligence, the Armed Services, the Government Oversight and Reform, the Homeland Security, the Judiciary, the Foreign Affairs, the Banking, and the Terrorism Committees.

4 Thoughts to “US Army psy-ops expert Scott Bennett”

  1. Anonymous

    When I read the comments to this article, it gave me hope that there are still some Americans that can see through the brain washing. Maybe you should run some information about 911 and the holocaust by these people.

  2. Anonymous

    New false flags in Copenhagen and supposedly Phillipines.
    Katz and SITE already mention connection with THE DEAD culprit and IS. A nobrainer.
    Only hours after there is the REACTION to the shooting; removal of the alleged "drugselling" kiosks in the area.
    As if a local Lucky Silverstein is about to develop his real estate fantasies.
    Remains to be seen.
    The Phillipines is an open case.
    Interesting though that the attack happens in the presidents hometown where he happens to be and immediately enforces new laws.

    Happy ff-hunting !

  3. Anonymous

    Americans (or anyone) seeing through their country's propaganda is like a cat walking on its hind legs. It may not be done well, but you're amazed that it can be done at all.

  4. Anonymous

    I heard your holly comments on gender issues : Are you saying my wife should ask a refund from its Brazilian surgeon ?. Or I should just divorce it and make sure my next wife never went to Brazil before ?. Thanks.

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