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2 Thoughts to “Hitler’s blue eyes and the end of truth”

  1. Anonymous

    There are many articles on the so called "madella effect".

    It's basically set up by the CIA/NSA/DAARPA who are testing mind altering technology which can remove/alter memories.

    Do you see how having everyone convinced there are changes in the universe gets them documenting how their memories have been altered?

    PS. Did you know that Paul McCartney wanted to do the score on a JFK assassination documentary before he allegedy was replaced? I didn't believe in this conspiracy theory until I found out the car accident story is BS he was replaced in America. His first press conference after being replaced the reporters kept making comments about doubles.

    Mark Lane said Paul wanted to write the score for the movie, “Rush to Judgment.” Lane’s book raised many questions about the official story of the JFK assassination. If Paul had been involved, many more people would have seen the movie. The more people who questioned the official story, the harder it would have been for the powers that be to keep the lie alive. I think the Elite panicked when they found out Paul wanted to be involved in exposing the truth. I think they decided Paul could not be allowed to write the score.

    The LA press conference was Faul’s debut as “Paul McCartney.” The press conference was very odd. Reporters made mention of doubles, John and Faul made cryptic remarks about not being the real deals

  2. j'ai rien compris, les mondes parallèles, les dimensions, ca existe mais comment peux-tu passer de l'une a l'autre, physiquement ou consciemment et comment les types dénoncés ici hitler le feraient…a moins que cela ne soit des djinns/djanns, et qu'ils jouent la partition de leur maitre de sirius…

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