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Rafiq on “Hitler’s Blue Eyes and the End of Truth”

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Rafiq, who contributed to my new edited book Orlando False Flag: The Clash of Histories, just published a viral article entitled: “Hitler’s Blue Eyes and the End of Truth.”

Hitler’s disputed eye color, VW logo anomalies, weird spellings of famous people’s names…are these innocent mistakes? Or is our timeline being contaminated by parallel realities? Could the alleged satanists at CERN, who are building miniature black holes to bleed our universe’s gravity into parallel mini-universes, have punctured the fabric of space-time?

For more information on questions such as these, feed “Mandela Effect” into your favorite search engine.

As I argue in my afterword to Rafiq’s article, such purported evidence of time-line contamination doesn’t convince me. But I am always willing to listen to an interesting argument – especially one with such fascinating philosophical and metaphysical implications.

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